Is there a reason

By sweetheartsFebruary 12, 2009 2:41am — 5 replies

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the age issue
is it possible to let people read human rights when they register a new account at dxp i find such statements very u
Thank you!
for being you never change keep being you
Please fix
i can receive pms but am unable to respond
i do not like
how i am promptly returned to the beginning of a thread after hiding a message
How did y'all
hey guys tell me how did yall bump into dxpnet me through surfing seking astrological guidance for my sinful passio
have you ever considered adding...
the strangle other poster button when someone was being particularly annoying all the annoyed could simply press a
There should be a quote button.
quote this if you agree
Can y'all changed the damn daily horoscope?
please i kinda look forward to them everyday an itd be convenient is i could check the mesage boards and check my horo
There should be a Next button
there should be a a next page button on the bottom and top of message board forums example