By v s o pOctober 4, 2019 3:30am — 11 replies

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Don’t feed Dazed, he is all the Trolls
the mega-troll the troll leader the king of trolls
I Dont Think You Have Enough Ads
sarcasm i can barely see the messages so many ads theyee running together with the messages
Multiple Accounts - Don't feed the Trolls
in light of the increasing number of users having multiple accounts with the purpose of trolling i give you a list of user accounts that could possibly be a troll dont waste your time responding to threads created by them and protect yourself if you
Can Not Login
good morning the user aju is not able to login into his account every time he attempts to login he receives the following message https i imgur com u8qsgba png as a means to rectify the situation he has attempted to reset his password but that
by adding an incel forum
we need an incel forum on dxpnet duncan
Block feature is broken
theyre quoting me and i can see them
PM not working
anyone else having this issue i cant receive any private messages
when a new user posts a thread
only he can see it i think this drives away new users duncan should fix this i dont want dxp to die this is my favorite site thanks duncan
do we send pms anymore