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My Capricorn cousin sent me this...
http www youtube com watch v pukmuz4tljg anyone else think this is sickly funny it creeped me out at first but the
oh yes the parental joke that keeps me laughing oh yes it is a funny thing to laugh about when your bio mother and fa
Passing GAS
so what we all do it but any embarrasing moments well i was just in the elevatr and yay it decides to stop just a
The Irish Bic Lighter
the irish bic lighter mick and paddy were fishing on the irish shoreline when mick pulled out a cigar finding he
a guy walks into a bar with a monkey the monkey grabbed some olives off the bar and ate them then he grabbed some sli
a bloke was standing at a bar and a beautiful woman was beside him so he leans over and says you remind me of my l
Brit Moves To Australia
buys a farm in the middle of nowhere the nearest neighbour 50 miles away rings him up and invites him over for dinner
i came out of the chip shop with a meat and potato pie large chips mushy peas a jumbo sausage a poor homeless man
i ended up with an older woman at a club last night she looked ok for a 70 year-old in fact she wasnt too bad at