Do you consider yourself a blunt person when talking to people about important subjects or anything in general? If yes, Do people mistake your honest bluntness for arrogance? Do People think your arrogant because you say what's on your mind or sa
So I'm a very observant person and I watch everything VERY closely.... Lately I've been seeing how selfish and useless a Leo man can be... I've seen some behaviors that resembles a person who wants everything to be done for them ... and can careless h
I have many planets in Sag and Gemini. This mean that I tend to not get emotional into a relationship. I don't demand a lot from my partner even though I am a Cancer. Unfortunately I have a Leo Venus and it is annoying. I hate it because being Gemini and
I'm a Virgo sun, Cancer moon, Pisces rising & libra Venus. He's a Leo sun, Leo moon, Capricorn rising, Venus in cancer. We've been seeing each other for about 5 months. He listens to me, gives me the best advice & is always there for me, always caring whe
I have come to a conclusion that i fancy lioness' over all the other wonderful star studded breed of aminals(done on porpus
I am 22 and he is 24. His rising is in scorpio and moon in sag. I'm Aries, with a cancer rising and a sag moon also. We've been on and off since high school and we're finally steady for over a year now. However, over time, he has changed drastically. I al
Does anyone have any info on these Leo's??
Hello Leos *pets all of them with equal ardor* Sun/Moon combos. Female differs from male. *Couldn't find all of th
Hello lovely people :) So I am "seeing" a Leo man who is a bit younger then me. We are like two peas in a pod in so many ways. He makes me feel confident within myself, and when I'm with him gives me quite a bit of affection and attention. I'm not sur
I find the older I get, the harder it gets! I had enough of the Leo, I will end it as soon as I have the right words. It's not love, it's friendly sex but I still want to be decent about it (I don't stay friends). Ideas?
You know what this thread is for. I haven't seen a thread like this in the Leo section. So therefor I made one. Talk about leo stuff.
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Leos have a problem, Most Leo women are ugly and the problem is that they act like they are all of that. I swear there is something wrong with you guys. You have a girl that is a 5 at best. The most she can do for you is be a booty call on a dry week lat
I met this Leo man thru Tinder. He cancelled our first meeting but I gave him another chance when he asked for another date. When we met the first time, it was only that time I got to know that he is only here for 3 months, otherwise I wouldnt meet him
Leos, would you still call your ex after breaking up? We broke up about 6 months ago and ex bf still calls from time to time, I never answered, but why would he? He didn't seem in it for the long term anyway.. It is hard to get over it n forget him
Describe the behavior and "actions" of a LEO when in LOVE VS. LUST. Based on your experiences
Leo ex confessed to me that I was and still am the best thing that has ever happened to him? Said its my decision on how I want our relationship to be. Can someone translate that for me? Is he asking for another chance at us?
Anyone been here with another leo? Are you still together and if not how did it end? And how are you still together? I know love between the two is unbelievable and unmatched.
Dxp world, help a girl out.... asking for a friend of course 😘
My fellow queens of the zodiac, This time I want your pov, I went to the libra forum to gather their opinion but this time I want to hear it from a pov that is likely to ressemble my perspective of life! I really wanted to know your experiences on th
Never happy for no one ALWAYS gotta be extra thirsty when a leo is in the room.
Hello I am new to the forum so let me start by introducing myself. Sorry if this question has already been asked. I am Leo but I find that I am not attracted to other Leo's and if I am anything like the majority of the Leo's I know, I don't know how my Li
Call me crazy, but I am seeing this combo a lot for the long term. Ay?

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Are you really incapable of expressing your emotions verbally? I feel like I'm laying it on thick with my Taurus and I barely get anything back. He texts me everyday, he's fully invested in my life, he responds to me, we spend time together but this man j


Say you've spent the first 10 years of your life sleeping under the stairs of a family who loathes you. Then, in an absurd, magical twist of fate you find yourself surrounded by wizards, a caged snowy owl, a phoenix-feather wand, and jellybeans that come
People who are in a hurry all the time for no reason. Like why is that a thing, and why do I know some of them?
I absolutely cannot stand dealing with people who have control issues/are in constant need of control/constantly attempt to demonstrate their control/constantly feel the need to maintain an exaggerated sense of control or a subconscious ability to control
Not what brought you here. 90% of people here got burned or something and looked to astrology for answers. Why are you all still here? I see these threads and I think some are here really to learn and some I just wonder that they've got no substance
Maybe I'm reaching here. I think different tho so I can never be cool with surface butter. I don't think traditional and I'm saying that to say that although I feel strongly about this, I know its not fact just notion. Both taurus and the second house ar
Ladies, please, if you don't already, and you have no medical condition that would prohibit you - please, begin weight-training. I promise, it will change your life! Be that woman in the free-weights section. Don't be afraid to squat deep or lift heavy! M
This is my 13 year old son's chart. I'm curious because he's different than most teenagers. Not in a bad way. He's just very very driven and has always been very adult like. Zodiac : Tropical Placidus Orb : 0 Sun Capricorn 7°55' Ascendant
But you don't have to like a leader for them to govern effectively. I always here I don't think I would like them in person, but it's not like you're going to be hanging out with them anyway. Just saying.
Man -1992- Monkey Woman- 1995- Pig Compatibility? Sexuality? understanding? communication? Problems? Weaknesses? anything and everything because im new to this astrology.
I know not at all of them are like this but from the message board it seems like quite a bit are. I'll also be honest and say I'm just being bitter right now haha. I guess I just need to vent. I was seeing this aqua. Everything was great. Insane chemis
So, when I was younger (in my early 20's) I didn't have much. I had the drive and ambition to be successful. But nothing to show for it. Wasn't the best looking guy, but I had good physical qualities to compensate for it. No girl would give me the time of
just watch.. everything he couldn't say at the debate, he said it at Al Smiths... Katty perry is a Scorpio SUN, ASCENDANT AND MOON, this girl probably really intense, is this the explanation, of a fellow capricorn being naked and ignoring the paparazzi. i believe too much scorpio pla
-and I'll post a vocaroo talking about it. *yawns*
Hello everyone. Ive been dealing with this situation alone for too long and i think i could do great with some insight. Sorry this may be long but i want u to have a good idea on how things went. Me and aqua had a really good relationship for 7 mon
This isn't directed toward male or female. Both can answer. I've never seen Taurus angry. My closest and dearest cousin is a Taurus. She is actually like my sister and I think the world of her. Have never seen her lose her temper, not once. How
What are you views on astrology? What led you to astrology? Was it spiritual, psychological, self-knowledge, understanding relationships between people? Something initially peeked your curiosity. For me it was psychologically understanding people and
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