So not to put my business out there, BUT for the first time ever, I had the best experience with a Leo guy! I'm a Virgo girl... so I didn't think it was going to be the greatest sexual experience to begin with because the compatibility of our signs...
Four dates with four different guys in a week. Yes!!! Only with one guy, whom I know for years, it was expected and planned. The rest were all new faces and sudden surprises! You may think, "whoa! Must've been a great time!" Naah! A Gem, a Scorp, a
I thought I had better insight, but I'm thinking I don't. Long story short: had something many years ago, have been friends since, and now doing something (not sure what). We gave gone back and forth with him saying he doesn't want anything serious, but
so Leo guy initiated conversation w/ me online.. we communicated for about 2days straight... then I initiated twice daysss later.. he responds , but the convo is inconsistent.. sometimes he'll respond and keep the convo going and then hell just respond..
I just realized that all the Leos that I know seem to have a hard time commiting themselves even if they seem to like th
So there is this leo guy who tried to approach me a couple of times,is constantly looking at me and smiling from afar and his friends also look at me very often.The thing is this leo guy uploads a lot of love songs on his account and it is pretty obvious
How come this is often not discussed or maybe overlooked? Leos are damn smart. I mean really. I don't want to sound condescending or ignorant but where does the intelligence come from? It's not the intuition of a water sign or the logical mind of
Im here to help those who have questions about Leo's! Ask away!
I have been going out with a Leo man for about 8 months.. after a series of him not staying in great contact over a last month or so I felt neglected (actually felt very neglected a lot of time before) I spoke up about what I was feeling. The distant
I feel as if this post has been done before...Heck I may have done one a year ago. There seem to be a lot of questions regarding Leos (a lot about Leo Men too). So if you don't feel like posting a new topic but just want to pick a Leo;s brain, feel free.
Describe a Leo with ONE word please. Here's mine: "Friendly"
Was with this buy for 18mnths blissfullyhappy planning our future . This ex gf is a serial loon stalker made our lives hell . It caused rows between us only rows we ever had were about her . I was cheated on by my ex husband of 15 years . I've never brou
Have any of you tried dating other Leos? If yes, what has that been like? If no, why not? If you have them, also post charts.
If you a noticed girl via social media that were interested in, how would you go about getting her attention?
Let's try not to post before I'm done this time. I know this question has been asked b4 but I can't find the thread so I'm posting a new one. I don't know why, maybe I'm bored, maybe I just need attention. Anyway, so I know the question of how lon
How do I deal with it?? He wants a Labrador I want a Blue Heeler!!! We cant agree... it both ahild hood dream of ours how do I deal with this Leo Sun Moon LibrA
Was I the only one? The winter was crazy quiet on the dating/going out front. It looks like it's finally starting to pick up again, maybe? it feels like I been single way too long!!!!!!!
Hello again leos! I made a thread earlier about a man i've been talking to these last 2 months. A lil recap, We met online for a sexual fun. Ended up with him sent flowers after few days chatting, had a dine and wine for the first meeting, he f
From what I've seen, leos generally like a lot of people. So how do you know if you mean more to them than just a pretty face? Like what differences in behavior would you see over time to know if they really care for you or if you're just one amongst the
Leos, how do you feel about a little competition? If you like/dating/married someone, how do you feel about someone else hitting on them or a littleo innocent flirting between them and someone else? If you were to see/know some thing like that happened
There's this guy a few houses down whom is a Leo I'm looking for tale tale signs that he is interested. Little back drop: ⊙We scarcely talk maybe 2-3 times. ⊙He always checks his air and makes sure he looks 'decent' before entering into my vicinity of v
Hiii From a lonely ass Scorpio female here who has many Leo friends. I notice that every of my Leo friends always have someone who would have a crush on them while me, *looking at myself* has been a single ass girl for many years and I haven't found a
I'm interested in a Leo man currently. Just curious how our signs will mesh lol. If it helps, I have a lot of fire in my chart! Haha...idk his chart though. Any tips on dating? Signs they like you? Etc. Any advice/experiences will be helpful. Than

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It doesn't feel the same talking to other people. We talked daily for hours now the friendship ended. No sex, no kissing. Do you ever really heal?
Pluto Capricorn generation or what???? Ali, Foreman, and countless others are Capricorns, apparently they love boxing 😊
Look at the interp clearly, excess(and other things, luck, knowledge etc but mainly excess, expansion), in the area of childhood. If you really had to sum it up, that's it. Cancer is childhood. Now l find that all these people have a shyness about them
Curious to know about the sex drives of Pisces men... What makes that you can just keep making love over and over again? Not once, twice, but numerous times? It's amazing..... My encounter with one lasted all day and we did it 6 times (could have easi
I have a problem with my 1988 vw golf. Let me make a list first starting with what was wrong when I bought it and how I fixed it. No fuel to intake or fuel injectors. Put fuel injector cleaner for fuel in tank, new in line and in tank fuel pumps. Cleane
So im none of those persons in this story first. So my friends told me once that he was at home with another friend who he invited, and there was playing video game. So the invited guy started to confessed. "bro, my laptop is broke since 3 weeks,
So a few years ago I was at a house party. There was a woman there who at the end of the night made it EXTREMELY clear she wanted to have sex with me....loudly (and explicitly) front of everyone. I was at the other end of the house on a different floo
How can one hate someone they used to love so dearly? I never use the word hate, but the rage feels strong enough to call it hate! Dumb ass weak, wimpy, piece of shyt-ass treetruker! Dumb ass! Need to cuss somebody out? Go gor it!!!
I keep hearing that there are many forms of cheating From thinking of someone else and having sexual fantasies of someone you may or may not even know Then there's the watching pornography type of cheating where some may or may disagree it's cheating
I did not think this would ever actually happen. I'm nervous and wanna puke a lot. :) just tell me what NOT to do...... I will not propose.. I will puke directly on him... Halp..
My 16-year-old dog came to be the proud father of 11 puppies in March, so I chose to keep one of the little critters for obvious reasons. I got curious on what I could find on the interwebs in way of pet astrology and found a few fun/interesting links I t
feeling bad He is messaging me.. telling me that he wants to check up on me but I have a bf. Conversations with him are interesting and he acts like a tough guy, but he won't give up. He said he won't say goodbye whenever I cut our conversations short
What turns you off and causes you to run the other way? Anything: Weird/gross/offensive/scary/annoying/pet-peeves etc... Maybe state your Sun, Moon, and Mars.
It was an agonizing difficult decision but I decided to send him a text message And No Reply Why ??
I am a Cancer and if I ever come across a Scorpio Goddess again I will leave her with a fat belly and a castle to make donuts in.
I just want to meet my soul friends family and mate please appear