Leo Moon

By CrazySlimm8999September 16, 2021 6:07pm — 16 replies
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i met a leo man on social media who was born on my birthday and hes super cool but i am not getting enough attention from him i get jealous if he gives other females attention but of course i hide it from him because i dont want to scare him away from
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so i met a guy on a game shortly after my breakup we stayed league buddies for the most part at the beginning one night on my exs birthday i went outside because i was feeling this tight clenching in my heart afterwards i just felt like i had to tal
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hello guys first timer poster here been lurking in this board for a few days but too ego to ask this question classic leo huh ok since i decided to just fuck it and post my issues anyway here are some background stories long texts ahead
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so my ex boy friend is a leo and so am i first let me say i use to think because i was a leo we would be just alike wrong so wrong because just because your a certain sign it doesnt mean anything because of your birth chart as my pshychic friend t
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anyone been here with another leo are you still together and if not how did it end and how are you still together i know love between the two is unbelievable and unmatched https m youtube com watch v af4cwcxirz8
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leo leo is fixed fire leo rules the 5th house the house of children creativity hobbies romance and fun leo himself has the open heart of a child leo is fire which gives a natural self confidence leo is fixed which adds to emotional stability a
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hello are we very stubborn and is it possible to shine together lol
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hi there im very interested in a leo male and we will be going on our first date on wednesday night coming jus