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  • Ask a Leo

    I feel as if this post has been done before...Heck I may have done one a year ago. There seem to be a lot of questions regarding Leos (a lot about Leo Men too). So if you don't feel like posting a new topic but just want to pick a Leo;s brain, feel free.
  • Leo. Do you like drama?

    Do u need drama to keep the fire burning! ? What kind of things ignite your passion?
  • LEO. Do you get upset easily?

    And if you do, how do you deal with it? Do you voice out your feelings or become cold. Or shut down? Or do you cause a scene ? ....
  • Why doesn’t my leo open up to me?

    I have a feeling that something has been bothering my leo for a few days, or maybe it’s stress. I’m dying to know since I want to help him. I hate seeing him go depressed all of a sudden. He sighs all the time, smokes way too much. I can tell something’s
  • Just heard from the Leo.

    Haven’t really spoken to him much. He just randomly sent me a song (which is what he used to do everyday) this one was “When I Build My Masterpiece” by The Band (originally Bob Dylan) It was nice to hear from him.
  • Why isn't he direct?

    This Leo guy I've been talking to on and off is finally coming into town. But wasn't directly asking me to hang out. He was more hinting and being passive aggressive about it. Saying "I'm gonna be there for a while. I have to work one day but the other da
  • How to appease your Lion's insecurity.

    Step 1: Disregard his bad mood & adopt a dominatrix-like attitude. Grab him roughly by the arm and lead him to a long-ass mirror. If he starts to protest, threaten him with the promise of a wet paddle that has his name on it and drag his grumpy ass to tha
  • Leo Men I need your Advice

    Hi Everyone, Please be kind to me, I'm completely new to this. I really need some advice... Leo Men, do you guys admit fault? Do you always only see things from your perspective or are you open to hearing another person out? My Leo man and I got into
  • Is it me or is it hard for Leo Women to find love?

    No matter what jacked up relationships I've had, I still want love and a committed relationship. Why does it seem so hard for that to happen? Has any other Leos had this problem? Then when you look at women like JLo and Hallie Berry who are Leos, it just
  • Leo woma Taurus man

    I am not very much attracted to Taurus men but I feel very attracted to this Taurus man. He is very different from other taurus males. Sometimes it feels like he is a fire sign. I have read that taurus and leo are not very much compatible but both of us
  • We had a fight again.

    My leo guy and I had a fight again. He didn’t like that I talked to a guy. He had told me not to talk to him before and I told him I swear he’s a friend. He said okay, I trust you, which is why I thought it was okay for me to have a friendly chat with the
  • Leo and Cancer??

    i know two happy couples who are Leo and Cancer. i kind of understand why it works esp leo men and cancer women. Leo needs encouraging love , support and loyalty , and nurturing at all times and i see cancer giving them that..alot... which makes
  • are leos more of a cat or dog person

    this may just be down to individual preference, but i was curious to see which out of the two leos prefer. for me i definitely prefer cats over dogs, although it can be argued that dogs show more affection, cats are just all around so loveable and ado
  • Communication

    Pointers on how i can improve our communication style. I been dating my leo since July 2017. He was all over me at the beginning but now he seem distance. We were introduced through his cousin who is my best friend. They've had a fallen out and i feel lik