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  • Leo sun with Aries moon

    When it comes to working with people, do you always have to be a leader? Do you find it hard to control yourself not to be bossy? Do people have negative feedback or positive feedback to your behavior? Any problem so far working with other people? S
  • leo girls i need some help here

    libra man here. working with a leo girl in the same company (but different departments ) every time i see this girl she gives me these long sharp piercing stares with a smile, and she is not afraid to make long eye contact . we say hi to each other every
  • Depression, feeling down?

    Hello all beuatiful leos. Tell me about yourself ,if you sometimes feel down, FOR WHAT Reason, what do you to do make it better and so on? I'm suffering from depression, I get down in a mood as soon as I have nothing to do and I hate freetime and to be ho
  • Leo Women Appreciate/Disapproval

    Don't seem to see much topic on Leo women. Curious what are the general opinions of Leo women. Do men like to date Leo women? What are the things you like/dislike about Leo women? Feel free to share, Leo forum is oh-so-quiet....
  • how do leos get over their exes...?

    yeah i need to know this because at first i was out partying every night and ive now realised that didn't really help the scenario at all since when im alone i feel terribly empty. i don't know, this is annoying i hate this feeling and it's the reason wh
  • Do Leo men test you to see how long you can go without talking to them

    All the Leos I know have done this. But idk it’s only with me One leo ex told me he didn’t need to talk to his gf all day or even hang with her all day. But after 3 weeks he changed his mind and would talk about marriage (just general talk) I have se
  • My First Boyfriend. . Back Again. . Again.

    My first (and only) ex is back. Zachery. he has abit of emotional problems at the moment and i don't know what to exactly do to make him feel better, i gave him some advice but won't lighten up, hes just keeps saying "im not comfortable with anyone" or "i
  • Love in 2018?

    I'm looking forward to finding love, true love. A love of my own. It's hard to keep hope alive when considering the male prospects that are available. Although I'll never fully give up hope that it's around the corner cause man it's long overdue. It'd be
  • he is pulling away.

    I’ll start with a little backstory. I just got on birth control pills 1-2 months ago and it kind of drives me crazy to be honest and on top of that, I naturally have a bad temper. My leo boyfriend handles my tantrums most of the times, I’m grateful. Howev
  • Crazy for a Leo Man

    So this Leo man that I am just head over hills for invited me to a event that he’s hosting for a side business that he’s been growing. He said it would be an honor and hoping if I could show up. It’s really hard for me to read him. I’m not looking to much
  • Is it possible for you to admit a man is handsome without being attracted to him?

    So there is this Leo woman I work with and I’ve always wondered if she had a thing for me, so a couple weeks ago I went to get a haircut after work but before doing so I washed the gel off my head and my puffy hair was everywhere. She then took a picture
  • The Cub, Lion, and Sphinx

    I read the Leo FAQ and it referenced the 3 stages Leos mature. Wondering what stage fellow Leos currently see themselves in??? I'm 31 and in between the Lion and Sphinx. I've had my share of a few heartaches and missteps that truly humbled me and kept tha
  • My leo man is distant

    Hello, So I'm a libra woman, I met my leo guy 6 months ago at a restaurant, he was with friends and I was with my girl friend they asked us to sit with them. They were so cool and fun i invited the whole gang to my bday party the following weekend (at
  • Are Leo’s willing to throw people under the buss

    So Leo coworker twice has been willing to n they don’t even know it because to them everything is sunny n great. Example had a new clerk n messed up majorly on one of my cases. Leo tells me I’m going to tell her supervisor n I am complaining I tell
  • Can Leo’s take criticism?

    Met mature Leo. Businessman. Good looking. Opened his mouth - one tooth decayed like a butter!!! Just had a conversation. I had advised a doctor. He said his teeth where knocked out in fight but he is still a good lover! Lmao I said looking at it makes or
  • The Leo FAQ

    Seems like the same questions and/or misinformation pops up regarding Leos often. So I'm going to throw out some frequently asked questions about Leos. Fellow Leos, if you can think of more questions, please feel free to share (and answer them if you feel
  • leo woman and capricorn man

    Guys have you ever dated a capricorn if so how long did it take the cap to open up completely? Just started seeing a cap that i've knows my whole life. We've always been friends, our dads work together and have been best friends for over 20 years so we ar
  • How to get ruid of a leo man for good?

    So here is my little story. I dated my ex Leo for a year. We ended up getting married within knowing each other for just few months. I'm a gemini and a single mom. This leo man is a worthless exuse for a human. It's been 3 years since I met him and in tho