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  • What am I more than just a LEO?

    Hi. Does anyone know how to check that deep stuff what is it called, like venus etc? What am I more than just a LEO And the sun fire sign? What do you need about me
  • Aries In Love with Leo

    So I known him for month we only start dating for at least 2 weeks. I know Leo and Aries are so compatible. We ended up falling in love.. I Know sssssssssssssooooooooooooooooo early but its like a hot shimmer spark between us. We always communicate day an
  • Aries Dating A Leo. HELP. I Think My Leo is Mad At ME.

    Im a Aries woman thats in a long distance relationship with a Leo man. Be mindful please I am 23 he is 18 years old. We started dating like 2 weeks ago. Our relationship was going so freaking good. My Leo and I apparently we fell in love. Its like our att
  • What kind of women can handle Leo men?

  • Leo girl not replying

    I first met this leo girl through a part time job, and got her instagram we talked on instagram's direct message for a bit and I considered myself a bit flirty throughout (gave her compliments, called her cute, jokes around) but she would always deny t

    How do you LEO people act when something goes wrong, like a way that you did not want it to? More specified in relationship situations... when my girl does things that I dislike I kinda get angry but still sad, sometimes i rage and take it out in th
  • whats going on with these two? Leo sun, Aries sun

    He's Cancer rising, Leo sun/Scorpio moon, so he's got cancer rising, that means he needs someone who fulfills him, with Capricorn/Aquarius/Sagittarius energy right?? she's Aries sun/Gemini moon, also ASC cancer. they both have 4th house Gemini
  • Leo Woman Ignores Me?

    So, I landed a job as a recent college grad and one of my coworkers is a leo girl. Starting from day one, she's been ignoring me. She talks to everyone else, is super confident (kinda arrogant), and doesn't even look at me when I'm around. If I enter a ro
  • Misunderstood?

    Fellow Leos, have you been feeling terribly misunderstood lately? Unwittingly setting friends and family off in angry fits of rage where they slam the proverbial door in your face? I'm trying to figure out if this is a transit thing? A Leo thing? A th
  • Internship with a Leo boss

    I started an internship earlier this month. The attorney I intern for is a Leo. July 30th. This is the first Leo (from my knowledge) I've been in close contact with. I'm sure her professional side is different from her social side but at work she seem
  • Changes

    What are the latest changes you have made in your life, if any?
  • Leo woman and Cappy man

    I'm a Leo woman actively pursuing s Cappy man. Yanno getting myself all pretty and things, but I know Leo's can be way to much sometimes. Is there certain Leo qualities I should tone down? I am a Leo to the T. I've always been attracted to fire signs neve
  • will my leo give me anothr chance

    So i will describe the story short. we work together, he is 4 years younger than me. we havent noticed each other for 6months, then started dating and been together for 4 months, after that he split up with me and became fwb for 7months, now only "friends
  • Leo trait?

    My moon is Aquarius but my ex has his moon in Leo, and our biggest problem was that he always felt like I treated him like everyone else and I always felt like he didn't give me the emotional space I needed (unless we were fighting lol). But the reason we
  • Leo man Hot and Cold?

    Ive known this leo man for quite a while now. I am a sagittarius with a leo moon, and he is a Leo with an aquarius moon. The past 2 months we started to hit it off, by texting everyday etc. We hangout usually once a week.. but hes taking things super