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  • I have known one leo guy for more than twenty years and he still manages to surprise me with new ways of being awsome. And then there is this other leo guy that I've known for seven years who does the same. And then there is this leo girl who I've known f
  • This Leo has a bit of a hard time texting . Me and him only know eachother from online for about 9 months now and we talk everyday ... But this is how it usually goes some days he's usually loving saying I'm his bestfriend saying he loves me and then the
  • What an EGO ha ha ha. That is the first time in my life I've told someone I miss them and the response back isn't "miss you too"...but "It's good to be missed". Ya'll do like to be admired. I've been out of town for a week and I know Leo misses me caus
  • Okay. This is going to be as long as heck, but here goes. 5 years ago I met this amazing Leo man, the connection, conversation and chemistry were unbelievable. We dated for 4 months, and while we got close, he is so physically gorgeous I explained I only
  • So, once again my leo bf of 9 months decides to show me his text messages from these woman who've been contacting him. I don't get why he would do that? They're not inappropriate msgs I just don't want to see them!! Like u want me to see your truth but u
  • My Leo used to say "love ya " and "love ya too" or "ily too" but he doesn't anymore he doesn't say it anymore first and he only sometimes Says it back like once in forever and now the most he says is "Ily too" so I know that he doesn't love me am I right
  • I have have been seeing this Leo guy for about a month now...very new (I'm Scorpio btw). We were out with some of his friends last night and one of the younger ones just seems to think I'm the shiz. So he kept sitting by me and telling me I'm beautiful
  • Our little boy was very punctual and came on his due date. He was born on Nov. 1 at 5:57am. Of course he is completely perfect in every sense and beautiful. I was wondering if you had any insight on his Natal Chart: Asc. Libra Sun Scorpio Moon Canc
  • how are you in relationships? do you fall in love easily or slow, are you super picky or what kind of people do you find yourself in love with? what kind of things make you not like someone? include venus too if you can.. I've been seeing this leo
  • I have been dating this leo (7/27/73) Moon in Leo, Mercury in cancer, Venus in Virgo, Mars in Aries. We have been on and of more than I can count (dating 2+ years). But he always comes back. This last time, we had a 4 month break. I asked him if he was a
  • Is this sufficient ? I've drawn this conclusion . Cause my Leo friend who is a male was so loving on Friday not like he usually is and he started off saying your so sweet ashy cause I said something then he said I feel so happy and motivated and just talk
  • i had the final straw really. My leo bf had resurrected yet another fantasy relationship online with some chicks he met on IG. It seemed everytime we got in a disagreement and I detached myself, he would wander back to his page to mend his wounds. Apparen
  • My Leo male online bestfriend , a while ago I confronted him about him not replying to me and 2 days after I sent it he was like I'm soooooo sorry ashy I've Just been super busy with tests , in Brazil our summer break is in December so I've had lots of fi
  • Hello all who wonder. I will attempt to settle the question of why Leo's disappear and reappear?fully and finally.
  • Just wanna wish all my Leo brothers and sisters a Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble gobble!!
  • Okay, so I am going to do a bit of ranting tonight. This Leo guy and I have been seeing each other for about 3 months now. It started off ok, but I noticed little things that I tried to pretend weren't happening. He is obsessed with his phone. It's with h
  • I've always had a good re pore with leo women as friends more than lovers.... You leo girls are just so warm or protective to this virgo:)
  • My online bestfriend who's a Leo male hasn't replied to me since Friday and it is now Sunday . He tends to take long to answer me now . On Friday he was talking about how he's going to the movies and he's so anxious and I replied and he put a laughing emo
  • so me and this Leo guy dated awhile back and were really close, he moved and we tried the whole "long distance relationship" thing for about a month and a half.. things didn't work out and we split.. he was completely crushed but said he understood.. we b
  • Hey Leos, whats your approach to achieving your goals? It sounds like you guys just look for a "slam-dunk" solution, rather than taking baby steps. Is that true? Does it work for you?