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  • I was supposed to have a date with a Leo guy this Saturday. I have since found his Facebook (aka the Devil) page and it seems like he just broke up, as in a matter of weeks from a very long term relationship. I told him straight that since that was the s
  • I have posted about this Leo before. He is quite a bit older than me and initially approached me saying he wanted to take care of me in every way. Seemed like a sugar daddy situation that I did not like. He started acting controlling. I came back here wh
  • Hey I'm an aquarius my name is ashley I have this leo that I known from online for about 9 months now and we're just bestfriends but I like him a lot and we are close if you mean he does tell me when something's wrong in his life sometimes he ven came st
  • Hey everyone, I am a Leo woman (August 22nd) with a few Virgo traits. I'm 18 and in college, & I just met a senior who is an Aries and he is 21 going on 22. When we met we immediately clicked! I've only dated two people before : a libra who I dated for a
  • We were out with his friends. One friend who is in particular a fan of mine asks me for my phone number so we can hook up for a drink sometimes, I said, no that isn't going to happen and that if he wants to know if I'm around he can go through LM...the
  • I'm unsure where this relationship is going to go. Anyone have any input/advice/experience?? He has a Scorpio Moon, I have a Sag Moon. I am 47, he is 53. Been a month and we seem to be doing OK so far. Agreeing to take things slowly....as hard as it is
  • Hello, Im a capricorn man 29 (Sun capricorn, ascendant cancer, venus capricorn ) and my girlfriend is a leo woman 28 ( sun leo, ascendant libra, venus gemini ), he know each other since 5 years ago, and we had funny talks and good conversations all the
  • Why even bother?
  • leos have you been feeling really off and weird and overwhelmed lately??
  • Its been a week since my Leo guy asked to be alone and he had to do some thinking. I have not reached out to him at ALL. We pre-bought tickets to the Star Wars Movie, and nothing from him. So I am going to see the movie myself in a hour. Is it a good
  • So, I've been speaking to a Leo guy for almost a month and half now, we've been on 2 dates and he's said we need to arrange a 3rd as its been a while. We use to message everyday but recently he's become a bit distant with the messaging. I've messaged him
  • So yesterday he was loving With me he's my online male bestfriend . He was loving with me telling me I'm the best telling me he loves more than twice telling me he's super close to me thanking me for all I do for him like being there for him . I guess he
  • The most loving and romantic sign I have ever dated... Omg I am a fan.. Team Leo 😬😬😬
  • Background: I'm an Aries with a Leo girlfriend, and a Leo best friend. Problem: None, but my best friend is always, always trying to get my attention and my girlfriend is very adamant about hanging out for hours every single day. I do like time to expl
  • This last friday my Leo guy texted me and said that there was an elephant in the room and that he felt like we were just going through the motions. We talked on the phone and I really got the feeling he wanted to end it. Last time I saw him in person we
  • I posted a topic:"Should I Give Up"about a Leo I'm fond of, but it turned out(from everyone's perspective) he probably is over me and I just FINALLY got over him until he just messaged me couple days ago. We were talking about Dungeons and Dragons then it
  • I can see this is going to be a little up and down and give and take and push and pull...I can handle that. I enjoy the excitement and am strong enough to take time to myself and enjoy time apart. HOWEVER, we've been dating 5 months now and just came back
  • I could really use some insight. I have posted before about my Leo guy. We have been friends for 20 years, then decided to be more. For the past 2 plus years he and I have been going back and forth with each other. Last time about this year, he broke thin
  • In my last post,I've mentioned and asked why would a Leo have trouble confronting the person that they don't want anything to do with them. In my situation, I have a friend that later turned to interest that confronted he likes me and we've been doing bac
  • I have known one leo guy for more than twenty years and he still manages to surprise me with new ways of being awsome. And then there is this other leo guy that I've known for seven years who does the same. And then there is this leo girl who I've known f
  • This Leo has a bit of a hard time texting . Me and him only know eachother from online for about 9 months now and we talk everyday ... But this is how it usually goes some days he's usually loving saying I'm his bestfriend saying he loves me and then the
  • What an EGO ha ha ha. That is the first time in my life I've told someone I miss them and the response back isn't "miss you too"...but "It's good to be missed". Ya'll do like to be admired. I've been out of town for a week and I know Leo misses me caus