Explaining Sag women's disdain/repulsion towards Leo men.

By deckedandeckerFebruary 7, 2021 3:38am — 21 replies
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i know the word out there is that leo men are compatible with air sign women and in some cases even water and earth sign women than fire sign women i think this is a bunch of hogwash unless she is a sagittarius i think that leo men are absolutely compa
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hi im a yoga teacher of 20 years and i started making yoga-astrology videos a few months ago for the new and full moons i show the chart and do poses to express the energies of three of the aspects the latest video is for the leo full moon if you
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img https i ibb co bkvcs16 0-e3-bcc3-a-7-e38-4-cab-81-db-ee97-dc8-c0-fba png img
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hi all please help i have met this leo man online couple of weeks ago nothing serious just got along well he said he would be busy at weekends to help his brother at the business so i didn t bother him we had been on the phone everyday and chatting
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i noticed that i see a lot of leo men with libra women a lot along with gemini women i see this pairing quite a bit so why are leo men are libra women so drawn to each other 1 libra is ruled by venus and libra risings are said to be classically bea
Arguably the best match for a Leo man is......
a leo woman yup i said it they say fire and fire should not go well together i disagree leo men can click really well long-term with aries women but man oh man a lion was meant to be with a lioness leo women understand the energy of a leo man well
Why Leo men are more compatible with Cancer and Pisces women than Sagittarius.
i realized that tom brady the epitome of a male leo is married to a cancer in giselle i also noticed that taylor hill a pisces model was dating a guy who is a leo cancer pisces and sagittarius all signs ruled by jupiter i have actually known
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i have got to say when it comes to casual sex and sleeping around this has to be one of the best matches in the zodiac found it odd that of the sag women i know who openly talked about their sex life and the men they had been with how many said their
Leo men and fire sign women.
i think for a leo guy here is how he should view fire sign women 1 aries girls are great for one night stands and can potentially be a good long-term partner they are a wild card the reason i think an aries woman works so well with a leo man is beca