How do leo's break up?

I'm just wondering this since I have a tendency to just walk without notice and disappear. Is that a leo trait?
I'm just wondering this since I have a tendency to just walk without notice and disappear. Is that a leo trait?

"WELCOME! I assume you're here because you want to find out, why???? The ans
Posted by jsharck
I'm just wondering this since I have a tendency to just walk without notice and disappear. Is that a leo trait?

ok. I know, its evil to do that but that is how I deal with breakups. I got hurt and don't want to get hurt anymore.
"WELCOME! I assume you're here because you want to find out, why???? The ans
Posted by jsharck
ok. I know, its evil to do that but that is how I deal with breakups. I got hurt and don't want to get hurt anymore.

yeah, but unless the person beat you or your baby...something extreme ya know, we should all try to move to a point where we can have mature break ups. i'm sure we've all had instances where we've done stupid things at the end of a relationship but shouldn't we treat others how we want to be treated?

how would you like it if a girl you cared about abruptly stopped calling/answering/communicating with you? as a leo, i know it'd kill ya right?

point is, you can't control how other people choose to conduct themselves but you can control you. and if you think it's ok to just walk away, remember that when/if it happens to you.
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My Leo broke up with me (after 8.5 years) by telling me "I love you but I'm no longer in love with you, I think we should end out relationship". I lived with ehr for another three weeks though within ten days of her telling me it was over she had started to see another guy. These Lions don't mess about! I can laugh about it now but I didn't at the time!!
"WELCOME! I assume you're here because you want to find out, why???? The ans
My leo broke up with me out of the blue! He still wanted to be friends, but I am quite not sure what that means. Is that a way of sparing my feelings so I won't be so hurt and to gradually cut me out of his life? or does that mean he genuinely wants to be my friends. (because the last time we hung out as friends, it was not very friend-like) who knows? haha
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Posted by Pr0vs
How do leo's break up?

It depends on the situation.

>>> This is my breakup statement for the real breakup, irrevocable.

'It is not the same intensity as before. I am not in love with you anymore. To stay in this relationship will just do more emotional damage for both of us. I will still be here for you as your friend.'

>>> This is my breakup statement for the not-so-real breakup, revocable, meaning 'Chase me!' dammit.

'I understand....I will let you go and I hope that this new guy you just met will give you the happiness...bla..bla...bla. Goodbye. You won't see me anymore and I will not bother you. Oh btw, Before I go, I would like to leave this song for you so that you will remember me.....bla..bla..bla'

LOL I do this too!! BTW the "chase me" works...
Being friends afterwards? I find that very difficult....time would have to go by before I could just be just never feels the same after being intimate/romantic.

As far as breaking up? i could never just walk away and never been seen or heard of would not be fair to the person who has given you so much of their time and themselves. I find it increasingly difficult to deal with breakups (Im getting better at it though by always making sure there's something/somebody else around the corner)...I will hang on until the very bitter end but the problem is, it always gets very bitter LOL.

I hate being dumped so at all costs, if it simply isnt working it'll be me who does the breaking up.......Leos? who'd be one? LOL
In my case we try and hold on for a while. We hate giving up on the people we love.

But if we feel misunderstood and taken for granted (you hr our pride) we leave to go lick our wounds ...But we do bounce back.

If, it was a messy breakup.Hell no, we can't be friends.
(you hr our pride) ,meant to say you hurt our pride.

And it is all or nothing with us. either you do or you don't.
Whenever I have broken up with someone, I have tried to be honest about why it didn't work for me and leave them with some dignity and respect. Having found my special someone, I now realize that when you "fit" into someone's life, they also fit into yours and this is clear fairly quickly but some people want to hold on because they don't want to be alone.

If a relationship feels like all work and no play, it is not healthy. You should like and love yourself in a relationship as well as the person you are with. But we are human and we often run from confrontation or contradiction and people's feelings don't follow logic. Also our pride doesn't allow us to admit we made a mistake so things can get nasty and in the end as much as we hurt other people, we also hurt ourselves. Leos get a bad rap about being selfish. We are not all about ego and it's a mistake to think we are all selfish and want to be adored, manipulate others or play mind games. No matter your sign, if you are immature then you will act irresponsibly and will not respect yourself and the people in your life. That said, a lot can be chalked up to being immature.Sometimes it isn't what you say, it's how you say it. In any case, breakups are a part of finding out what you want and need in a partner. There is nothing to gain from tearing somebody down but sometimes we get so frustrated we don't know how to say something. Years later you may regret how things ended although ending it was the right thing to do. Leos love deeply but we are not the only sign to follow our hearts. Everyone has pride and everyone deserves to be left some dignity. That said, it's important also to realize that if someone doesn't care enough to stick around or leaves you badly, then they are missing out on you. Get on with your life and realize you deserve better. Thinking about the past is fine if you learn a lesson from it but don't dwell on it.
If more people took the time to figure out what they want and need and actually asked for it, there might be a few less lonely people out there. I think we all get a chance to find our someone but you cannot do it if you are in the wrong relationship.

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if it was a real, long-term, committed relationship then i always state my case. if it's a fling or fwb i can easily just take off. not that they aren't my friend still, or that i don't care, but i take the labels seriously i suppose. an NSA is just that and a fwb is still just a friend with or without those benefits.

my taurus fwb got all butt hurt because i did this to him. i still talked to him but, yeah, i discovered my cancer and i was off to greener pastures. after a couple of months of my not really seeing, nor sleeping, with him i finally gave him an in-depth explanation for my actions. i didn't mean any harm and he surely had no problem running with other girls so i didn't think it was a big deal. when i realized he was sad about it is when i broke it down for him.
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I usually pick a fight over something stupid and do a runner or just ignore their calls until they get the picture. I have stayed friends with most of my ex's... I don't think i like to push people out of my life completely. I never realised my actions until reading this thread. Thanks for the reality check.
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I was married to a Leo and he goes back and forth between extreme bouts of screaming ranting and trying to screw me over and whispering sweet nothings, talking about how we were made for each other and will someday be together again... So I guess I'd prefer the just walk away method many say they do, however what I've experienced with Leo breakups is flip flopping
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