Leo: Do's & Dont's

Do... Make sure that you tell your Leo how bright, beautiful and golden he is. Enjoy the rewards of such complimen
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Make sure that you tell your Leo how bright, beautiful and golden he is.

Enjoy the rewards of such compliments - he will accept them eagerly, and will reciprocate by showering you with gifts and tokens of affection.

Be willing to give your Leo the spotlight. He will share it with you, and will also share that natural Leo sunshine.

Enjoy and encourage your Leo's sense of humour. Not only will he keep you constantly entertained, he will also brighten your day.

Learn to be submissive at times - and learn to like it. Your Leo will force you to submit to your most delicious fantasies.

Show your Leo how important he is to you.

Open your heart - this Sign can be more than just a lover; he can be your soul mate.

Don't ...

Ignore your Leo or forget that you had plans, unless you don't want to see him anymore. He will think that you don't care if you aren't there.

Try to tell a Leo what to do, and don't try to take charge. Leos do not like to give up control; they like to have things their way.

Insist on having the spotlight, even if you only want it half the time. Your Leo will miss it. The Lion needs to be the focus of attention almost all the time.

Take your Leo's vanity down a few notches. This may hurt him more seriously than you realise. A Leo ego is often fragile and easily bruised.

Criticize a Leo in public - this is a major breach of trust.
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i don't know about detecting it. all i can say is that you might not feel as if you're being controlled the majority of the time because what they're asking might be a reasonable request. so maybe you haven't felt controlled yet because so far, he's not asked/done anything in the extreme?

controlling for me came in the form of really minor, petty things. here are a few examples that i will NEVER forget because they really took me aback....

- he has a double kitchen sink. i was washing the dishes on the side with the disposal (the side you're supposed to wash on) and rinsing the dishes on the other side. i turned my back when he came in the kitchen and turned around only to find that he'd drained the soapy water and reran it on the other side. then of course he told me THAT'S the side i'm supposed to wash dishes on. Whaaaaaaat?

- i was making eggs. i cracked them and put the broken egg shells back in the carton before i put them in the trash. he said it was nasty, made a big production of it, took the carton and threw away all the eggs because i guess they were contaminated now. i reminded him that they came from a chicken's behind so what it matter? i was then told that i have a smart mouth

- he also mastered silence well. most people get quiet when they're frustrated. a leo can get quiet just to throw you off. i could never quiet figure out if it was better to feed into the silence and pout too or be dramatic and point out how pouty he was being. the latter produced mixed results.


all in all, be on the look out when they get in their "right or wrong" mode. my bf did this and so did my dad who was also a leo (my mom was as well). they present an argument in the most reasonable means possible and they set it up so that you're forced to answer the way they want.

an example would be him saying, "the sky is blue right?" now yeah, the sky is blue...except at sunset and sunrise and at night and during an eclipse and when there's a blood moon and northern lights...

now you can argue your position because there might be other alternatives or ways to look at it but for me, i gradually learned it's better to just say whatever the hell he wanted to hear and that left me feeling controlled b/c clearly i like to express myself.

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