Leo man broke my heart and i think its all my fault.

By lionfireMarch 10, 2021 12:47pm — 16 replies
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i met this leo man over a dating app dated over 2 months and moved in with him in an apartment after that we both are adults in our late 20s im doing masters in arts and so im full time studying he is working full time after moving in 1 week all was
Dear Leo Suns,
the stereotype of being egotistical and dramatic has been more consistent for leo risings and moons than the sun people for me i have yet to see it be a habit for a leo sun person to have to always tell the story of how someone wants them or wants wa
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hey all this weekend my leo boyfriend broke things off with me to be completely honest i never suspected anything like that was going to happen we had our arguments here and there but nothing significant to the point of a break-up our relationshi
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please post yours you have to remember something everybody pities the weak jealousy you have to earn arnold schwarzenegger
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i got about 6 direct messages from all of you at least 6 about how i do not know every sag woman out there and how there is a potential for strong compatibility between them and leo men i base my assumptions off the fact that 1 i have never known a
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so i am going to offer up signs i think are the best for a leo man and give my thoughts love what you guys think in no order really 1 gemini women hard to debate the love between a leo man and a gemini woman arguably the most compatible pairing in
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never looked up the birthday until today and realized that the best football player of all time is a freaking leo from his appearance i could swear he looked more like a libra or maybe an aquarius perhaps an aries would have never guessed his sign to
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i started to notice in my life that i see leo men with aries women than with any other fire sign women now its my opinion that leo men are the most compatible with leo women of all the fire signs but i see them even more with aries women this is disrega
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so leo men commonly date and get with aries and leo women these two fire signs are such a great match for them even marriage statistics and studies will find that leo men get with both of these fire signs quite often air sign women even opposing aquar
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i know the word out there is that leo men are compatible with air sign women and in some cases even water and earth sign women than fire sign women i think this is a bunch of hogwash unless she is a sagittarius i think that leo men are absolutely compa