I'm a cap woman. I've been with my Libra man for 8 mths now and it's been rocky. We've been just friend before for about a year. At the beginning, of course, it was all perfect but then life happened and things got tough. I'm a single mom and have had a t
Are you a libra? Libra dominant? Do you have a little bit of libra in your chart? Do you love music? Well this thread is for you!!! {} Post your favorite videos and songs here :) All genres welcome
Okay, so over the last two years ive had some humbling experiences. Some of you may have even read my pathetic Cancer man posts. I've found that I will get into relationships and when I want to get out, I all of the sudden panic. I flip the script, miss t
Me and my libra friend have been friends for 20+ years and are in close contact again for the past 2.5 years. There always have been romantic feelings between us but we couldn't be together so we went our separate ways. We just recently picked up the cont
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a02oK-z4Uho&t=1811s Can anyone else associate? YIKES!
Hey guys, how does this placement affect you personally? Which traits do all Libra Mars ppl have? What do you like/dislike about Mars in Libra? Libra Mars experienced ppl welcome too. :)
I am well aware of the fact that many Gemini-Libra relationships don't work, but for the few that do, what did the Gemini like about the Libra? I know what the Libra loves about the Gemini, the internet, interestingly enough, is full of just the Libra
Okay I know many libra dads and they all seem so loving and protective towards their children, seems that theirs kids are always #1. True or False ?!! Do you agee that they earn the dad of the year award πŸ…β‰οΈβ‰οΈ
I never say disrespectful things but there's always the first time for everything... Some people just need to know what they act like ! πŸ˜ˆπŸ€πŸ˜‚πŸΉ #A-HOLE ! How sensitive are you ppl ??!!
I had a crush on a libra guy when we are in the same class in freshman, i didnt get to talk to him as hes always in a clique of friends but right now, we are in different class and its hard for me to talk to him. theres not much progress that i did and im
Joker and Batman.. they complete each other but they are opposite... Joker is supposed to be an Aries I think. That would make Batman a Libra! What do you think? (Do you know their signs? ..Your predictions?)
Hi All, Please I am interested in a Libra man as you may have read in my previous post, however I really want to avoid the bedroom and get to know him on a "normal" level do you guys have any date ideas etc to stimulate us both mentally? Also how t
So we met, 4 weeks ago! He was super forward with his advances and I went along with it then, upon reflection I decided to check where we stood - By asking him if we could stop the sexual advances and just take it slow - and low and behold, he replied
If a Libra ended a relationship or someone ended the relationship with the Libra, how would the Libra handle it? Being a Libra myself, it seems as if I'm kind of calm if a relationship would end. Not sure if that is typical for a Libra to be so calm.
A kink in the Libran armour? I'd describe myself as pretty aloof when it come to romance but shhiiiittttt, I've lost the plot to an infatuation, doubly bad because it's already over and I have no contact with the guy in question. Boooo, I wonder what it i
Hi everyone, having a hard time understanding this Libra man. Idk if it's my Virgo overthinking and over analyzing everything but we recently met in December we hit it off and slept together (huge mistake I know) I didn't think much of it at all we texted
Hi all, I am a Virgo woman dating a Libra man. I use the word dating lightly because we are not exclusive and new. I've been on 4 dates with him so far and I understand that Libra men also need their personal time and space. Well we are going on day 3
1. Be different than all the others. 2. Be patient loving and respectful 3. Let him see that your goal oriented 4. Have a life of your own, be independent 5. Adore adore adore them! Compliment them 6. Give them space to breathe & miss you 7. Let
I'm actually pretty aggressive at times. Any other aggressive Libras? I actually have zero ability to hide my emotions. Its written all over my face. All my friends tell me its actually worse when I try to mask my feelings. I am not rude, but I am asserti
How do you help an insecure Libra man feel secure? We aren't speaking anymore, but it would be nice to see where I may have gone wrong. Any suggestions?
Took me awhile to decide to ask for some advice,but I'm just lost. More disappointed than anything cause I just can't believe this is what I ended up with.I'm married to a Libra who I really want to love, but it just always feels so off to me ( probably t
I never knew how much I have done this, until I joined DXP... There are several reasons why I do this to people. When I

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The Hanged Man 4 of Wands Knight of Cups I understand that the Hanged Man is telling me to wait or 'surrender' the universe and let things fall as they may but i don't fully understand the next 2 cards. 4 of wands is celebration and being content
Has been a long time acquaintence since I moved North when I was younger. We've always kept each other at arms length but always caught up with each other every blue moon. Nothing serious just light hearted conversation. 6/17/1978 @ 2:12 am Never
I need some interpreting our house overlays. Are they good indicators or bad? His moon in my 7th house His Sun and Mercury in my 1st house His mars in my 5th house His Venus in my 2nd house My Neptune, Moon, Jupiter, and Uranus in his 1st house
But led to your death to save the world, would you do it?
Folks, what's your view on this? If you're a lady, is it a turnoff if you know that a guy gossips? if you're a dude, do you do it as well? do you not?
In need of an iOS developer looking to either gain their footing in the field, or expand their portfolio in the education field. Please comment here if interested.
Bob Ross painted while narrating his life story through his art. He was a man who used painting as his therapy. He also says a lot while saying a little.
I will tell you which of those i have read are true for me as a sag woman and other sag women i know. Need for change and progress- too much,too intense i always want to learn something new, try smt new ,and in general keep myself busy with multiple task
...or is it something over time? Like if you are seeing someone exclusively how long does it take typically until you fall for them? Are there certain signs like a Cancr Sun would you emotionally connect better? How does one know if you are really feeling
Give them their props! Excluding that red egg headed buffoon.
After +12hrs span, these are the scenes I can still remember: No particular order as the scenes were mixed up in the time frame, kept jumping from one to another: Many scenes but few I rest in my memory. 1. Holding the keys to doors and a gate of
I recently discovered that my Juno is in Capricorn. Does it trines my Venus which is in Virgo? Can anyone help me with explaining what these placements means regarding romantic relationships? If it helps I'm a Scorpio Sun, Cancer Rising and Leo Moon with
Just in case I run into this issue with a Taurus man in the future...can someone explain the reason behind them wanting the other person to be open about themselves while they hold on to not being open themselves?
Sun square or opposition Uranus The ego is quite large when the Sun is square or opposite Uranus. This is largely due to the fact that these people’s very identities ride on their sense of personal freedom. It can be quite a challenge to get them to do w
Do you care? She's not necessarily fat, but she has Bat wing arms. Would you still be interested. Disclaimer: Your current lady may get Bat wings anyway when you grow older.
She was my shinning light in all this darkness............