Hello i want to know what makes a Libra stalk you? I know anyone can stalk you but i know a few leebs and they are stalkers. Can you explain what in particular makes you stalk someone and why?
placement in Mars for indecisiveness. Can't stand it :P
I got a leeb friend that goes back to their ex after so many times they cheated on them. When do you guys find it enough to be done ? Does it have to do with love or out of spite not feeling alone. She always had a boyfriend never been single. Voice your
Hi everyone! My situation isn't all that serious at the moment I'm just going crazy about it. I'm a Virgo with sag moon and rising and my Venus and Mars is in Leo. This all happened in such a strange array of events I'll try to make it short. Basically th
The man in question - Libra Sun and Virgent Venus / Mars Background We were acquaintances from many years ago, a time when we both resided in the same country. Since then, we each have been in various places and now currently in different countrie
Has or is anyone dating a libra man? Long story short with mine... We dated for half a year. He lost a family member really close to him. He left me for one of his friends and dated her for two months. After the left her he told me he realized what he ha
If you want to trade user names send me a message.
So I met this guy off tinder last month. He is a older libra, (Oct 15) I am a Scorp (Nov 6.) He is significantly older than me. (16 year difference) The age doesn't bother us we both agree age is relative plus I am 21 and independent completely. No
Libra sun, Virgo rising I've always really liked her and it's pretty cool she's got my firstborn son's sun and rising too. [img]http://i.imgur.com/yk0teEF.gif[/img]
If you are dating a guy, you know dates, staying over..how do you communicate the need for space without being offensive. I'm not against working up to spending most of the time together, but in the very early stages 0-6 months, why should I even need to
Sun in Libra, Moon in Aries The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a personality not easily tied down, fenced in, and one that doesn't like obligation, duty, or possessiveness. Routine, responsibility, and details depress you. You
Hello, I posted yesterday but, apparently someone said it was too lengthy so I'll just cut to the chase. I'm wondering if I have anything to worry about in my future with my libra and also insight on libras in general. If a libra has a hoeish past ar
https://www.blackbook.one/user/1/ Last week I started dating a Gemini man and I'm not sure if I'm attracted sexually yet, he's not my usual type however we have loads to talk about and I really enjoy his company. Last night I asked his star sign and go
Sorry to spam the boards but I think I posted in the wrong section. Would be great to get some libra perspective. I'm a scorpion woman with Pisces (2nd decan) and my friend is a libra man with Gemini (3rd decan). We've known each other for years,
Have any other libras been more aggressive lately I've been going crazy lately I've been so angry and I'm usually not like this i mostly try to avoid this....whats going on
When you are getting married you are all about your wedding and there is not none frigging bride I saw who has time to spend online! Unless you are frigging rich and everything is taken cared offed for you so you don't have to worry about a thing! You c
This month of febuary has been very strange for me.. I'm wondering if there is something going on with the libra men at the moment.. I've just been bloked totally by a libra man who we had history with rekindled after 14 years and then for it to end i
I have been pretty interested in my best friend's brother for over a year now. He travels a lot and we connected when he was home over Christmas, but he had a gf and I kept telling him obviously things couldn't happen regardless of the attraction. He sa
I'm not usually one to do this but, to help calm my nerves and keep my sanity I guess I'll post here. One of the only friends I can talk to is no help and her and her hubby swing lol she's a scorp. Anyways, I'm a 25 yo sag my husband a 26 yo libra have be
Hello, I am 21 and Libra I have a long story but I'll try and shorten this up. My ex boyfriend is a Virgo and I made the biggest mistake breaking up with him and taking him for granted last May. I was so sick of him back then and I thought I just wanted
For how long clean cut young Libra woman can be in love with a Scorp who has year lobes stretches to his shoulders, dreadlocks hair and tattoos all over? It's like a nightmare!
Ok. So boss is a Libra and seems to have a mean streak. Most libra I know are pretty sweet and easy going. This one however seems to have a mean streak. Just wondering if it's a libra trait or if there is more to it. If it's a libra trait, how doe
What are some of the things you would want to inform people about Libras before they consider dating one?

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So I'm at a party with my guy bestfriend and one of his buddies tries to grab my ass and rub on me. I kindly tell him he's out of pocket and to keep his hands to himself. He proceeds to call me a cookiemonster and say he'll slap me to which I prepared to defend m
The Part of Fortune represents worldly success and is associated with the physical body and health as well. It can be indicative of the career or vocation. The condition and placement of the ruling planet of the Part of Fortune (that is, the natural ruler
The warrior goddess, Pallas Athene is connected with inner strength and intuition, directing energy away from emotional and into mental pursuits. Pallas represents a feminine spirit of independence and cool mental judgment in either a man’s or a woman’s
By any chance do you have any insight on their reckless driving bullbutter, im going to court tomorrow for it what can I expect? Im from out of state. Pulled over for speeding and feel like im being treated like a criminal
Are they of any use to you? If so, what's the thinking behind them? I met someone who's Rising sign progressed into the 9th harmonic with their Midheaven. In the end, it said this was kicking off a time in their life where either they let down all wall
And they just fail lol I put a rant on social media complaining that my local mall has absolutely nothing that I would go out of my way to buy because nothing fits and nothing matches my fashion sense.....I only go to thrift stores and get basics from
placement in Mars for indecisiveness. Can't stand it :P
I’ve been reading all the messages here as for a long time, before I decided to post again. Gemini sun, Taurus moon, Cancer venus, Leo Mars. Nothing really changed between us since 2013. Me still having lingering feelings, which I truly hate, and she (c
I’ve been reading all the messages here as for a long time, before I decided to post again. Gemini sun, Taurus moon, Cancer venus, Leo Mars. Nothing really changed between us. Me still having lingering feelings, which I truly hate, and she (cancer/Tauru
Astrologers always say that a 12th house placement is really powerful as this relates to some kind of gift from the heaven to the chart owner but this house is said to be related to hidden things and the subconscious so how can someone unfold these gifts?
and when you have it, you don't want it with the same intensity?
I've been married for the past two years to a Libra, but lately I developed feelings for this Scorpio guy (I too am a Scorpio). The thing is, he has been staring hard at me everytime we met for the past two years, however I kept aloof since he is a family
I am never truly happy if i am not working and making money. I find sex to be very important and it should be mastered. I love it when others enjoy food i cook, or work that i perform for them in general. Easy going, but hard headed and stubborn as fuc
The asexual throw pillow of control http://i.imgur.com/3EGFVKv.jpg