What happens if you don't give a Libra attention anymore like you used to do? Like always spoil them. Go see them. Bring them gifts. Etc. Would they try to get your attention again or would they not care & let it be.
Without a doubt Libra men are my favourite. I have 7 Libra male best friends and I'm instantly drawn to them. HOWEVER everytime I consider getting into a relationship with one, we are already in the "friendzone" because I've had to much fun and spe
Hi everyone, I have a question about a Libra man. So he & I now each other since childhood, he is my besties cousin and in the summer he either came to visit them or we went to his house. In the teen years I really liked him & hoped we could become more t
my bf ex wife is pain in the ass.
Hi all, I guess it's been a while since I've been on here. I'm a Libra and I'm kind of I think seeing a Pisces man. Does anyone know how well Libra and Pisces work out? It's really funny, he was my first boyfriend back in 5th grade and he was my first
I was born september 30th 1998. For some weird reason when I see stuff about Librans, I am like wtfff?? Its either Libras are really clever or people are just dumb. All i see is that Libras are all rainbows, overly generous, sugar spice and everything nic
I met a libra man on a dating app and we instantly hit it off. We meshed so well that he wanted to meet up as soon as possible and so we did that following weekend and had a blast together. I felt as though I'd known him forever. The days we didn't see ea
Long story short... Sister is a Scorpio who had been friends with a Libra for 15 years.... they finally got together but there have been issues popping up lately... He's been distant the last two months... the little time he has open, he rather spen
I happen to develop interest in you tube tarot reading, and all I heard was libra's leaving the relationship. Are libra's going through hard time with relationships
My own thread :) http://images.planvine.com/znEP2d-3p8nWiyLmDb4gSl1C9bU=/s3.amazonaws.com/com.planvine.v4.image/c33465c0f17b4677801377d67b87a46d.png?venueId=824?lun=796e043840c276fde0197a3e2742cb1ffd0eb4b4 Romance, Passion, Intimacy, Sentimental L
Got questions? ask here..
Yes they argue a lot and are charming AT FIRST.. but then underneath it is controlling tendencies, gossiping, coldness, bossing ppl around. Bullying. And arrogance
After dating and being in love with several of you.. And please tell me if im off base, I'm totally fine with that.. You guys are sweet and charming and can really do it up when it comes to pursuing someone. Pull out all the stops... But ive only had on
libra man is stressed. How do I help him get through this? Some of you have read my posts before and know a little a
Okay so I was listening to this guy on YouTube talked for an hour about how Libras are single right now he has 6,000 views. He talked about Wizards and witches and interplanetary Scopes and aspects he said that most Libras are single is that true we have
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLzGH2SE_P4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSSWDg6eZ1c
We knew each other for awhile and then dated a handful of times which the 4th time I turned her down to go home with her because she just got out of a serious relationship. We went on talking for months as the ex passed and she was and has been devastate
This concerns a man but input from both sexes is fine. I have a Libra ex who I am still friends with. We have known eachother for 15 years. He is in a relationship at the moment(he has been in and out of relationships since I've known him) and I've been
Ok libras I need your help! Picture the following, You meet a nice guy that you like Go on some fancy dates Laugh and be happy Share lots of cuddles and kisses And then more cuddles But then.... Super average sex Be unhappy Guy wants anoth
I'm a pisces female who's happily in a relationship with a pisces guy. Six months ago, we decided to adventure with our sexuality and invited our then best friend libra over to have a threesome 😬 It went down and feelings developed. Libra then sugg
This guy I like seems to be playing hard to get and making me contact him first a lot, but then when we hang out he tries to be a gentleman, open doors, walk me to my front step, etc. I think he might actually like me but he's just trying to play it cool
Who is clearly not into you? I don't know much about her other than her birthday is in October...and she's waaay too pleasant to be a Scorpio. The last Libra I banged just used me for sex, which was fine cuz she ended up gaining weight anyway. Plu
Dear libra, There are some thoughts that I've kept hidden for months, and even years, that I want to express. Where do I start. We met when we were really young. You always made me feel a way that to this day I cannot fully explain...warm, safe, and u

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wow this is sooooo good. great for those who are religious too, and about a selfish egotistical husband who won't even give some extra money to his wife's sister who has a husband who doesn't work and they are struggling, while he makes ALOT of mone
Any tips to improve health can be posted here.
...and flat butt...what do you say? Pretty?
I use Placidus for 2 years now Most astrologers i have seen use Placidus But i found a really good astrologer and psychologist that uses equal house system and i liked her descriptions So i checked equal house too Some things fell into place with tha
🇲🇰 https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/a/a6/Macedonia_region_map_wikipedia.png/300px-Macedonia_region_map_wikipedia.png
For some reason, I feel like if I have a glass of wine, that I will feel shame. I’ve never been a big drinker, although I did drink some in my 20’s. I get this almost sickness in my tummy when I think of un-doing the not drinking thing. Although I have no
Hi guys, can I ask you about one particular placement? 5th house - capricorn neptune. Venus sextile neptune Neptune trine ascendant Mars sextile neptune Anyone can gimme an insight as to how to make him liven up and be more free to spend time d
they're "not him" i.e. The sign adjacent and opposite. Like Virgo, is "not Pisces", in the same way the sign before and after Pisces are not Pisces.
I just need some help in figuring this out because I'm very confused..... I was dating a guy name jermal he is an Aquarius we stopped talking because I found out he had another girl he was dealing with afterwards we didn't speak again me and him are in th
Who should I choose, my libra guy, or cancer. Please do a reading.
How Scorpio Mercury and Capricorn Jupiter work?
How do you express affection to a Taurus (with Scorpio moon) long distance!? I know how physical they are so this has been my challenge with my Taurus. He said when we don't talk on the phone often he starts to think that I'm not interested, and I do
At least 90% of the taurus i know talk like this
I just need some help in figuring this out because I'm very confused..... I was dating a guy name jermal he is an Aquarius we stopped talking because I found out he had another girl he was dealing with afterwards we didn't speak again me and him are in th
that treats this site as an interactive diary? Or am I just silly?
I just need some help in figuring this out because I'm very confused..... I was dating a guy name jermal he is an Aquarius we stopped talking because I found out he had another girl he was dealing with afterwards we didn't speak again me and him are in th
I didn't even get to read the responses??? To protect Ands from his racist post? ? Why
If you had a vaginal birth and tore down there do you still feel an ache every now and then where you tore?
So I met a Gemini guy, I am a Pisces. We were both a little gun shy as we both had pretty devastating break ups in our past marriage. He has been single for quite a while, and myself its been 2 years. Both from very long term relationships/marriages.