• Balance Amoureux

    How would u describe a Libra man in Love?
  • Libra moon, anyone?

    I’m curious about how someone with a Libra moon handles emotional conversations? The man I’m interested in is a Cancer/Leo cusp, Libra moon and Gemini Venus. I’ve gotten some insights on how he would love as a Gem and I know about his Sun sign but I don’t
  • What does it mean to have Libra moon With a Taurus sun?

    I just found out we can have placements in more than just our sun signs. can someone please explain my Libra moon placement to me?
  • Is there any sign that could be actually happy with typical libra?

    Hi guys, Since every once in a while I bump on some libra guy, and it never works (taurus gal here) even if it starts sooo sweet, I wonder if there is anyone here who is actually happy with a libra? What kind of personalities could be actually happy wi
  • Attraction question

    Would a Libra Sun ever be able to over look the fact someone is overweight in being attracted to someone? Other placements : Scorpio Moon, Libra Venus, Sag mars
  • Libra woman pisces man?

    i’m a libra woman trying to date or i don’t even know with a pisces man lol! met him at work and we hit it off, already had sex, i’ve been over his house and he has been over mine, we’ve went out on two dates (gun range and movies) but i say all this to s
  • Libra Guy keeping me

    Hello , I have known this Guy for 2 years now , Communication and going out were on and off .I made clear to him lately that We can just be friends because of his issues with ex , ex wife and recently divorce, and etc. issues. I've been a bit distant si
  • Libra Female Movie Character

    Libra ladies.. which movie character do you mostly identify with.. as in traits, actions, personality etc? Name the movie as well :)
  • the 4th Water Sign

    it's Libra. You people are moody, grudgy, and prone to applying emotional manipulation in order to get your way. Also, you tend to gain weight and fall into depression. you're still charming tho. ...and, yall got Cardi B.
  • How to handle know-it-all Libra bff

    I’m at a crossroads y’all. Torn between being humble like I am with strangers or actually putting this girl in her place. Just a disclaimer: She dun’t know I’m an exotic dancer, nor does she know about my call girl life. All I tell her about is the peop
  • [Angry] Scorpio woman went nuts

    coming from a Scorpio who has complete hatred for all Libras. SCORPIO, SCORPIO, ALL SCORPIO'S you are loving kind sweet touchy moody temperamental deep caring beautiful and Libra are selfish lazy lyers, manipulators if your Libra man does not put you firs
  • How long does it take libra males to come out of there slump?

    Just curious as to how long it takes a libra male to come back around? Or a time frame?
  • I keep seeing this about it true?

    When a libra says I'm done, their not really done. But when they say nothing at all that means they are really done. True or no?
  • Libra male pulls a cyrano

    So in an earlier post I said that my cancer friend was rekindling a relationship that she thought was years in the making with a Libra male from her past that reached out to her. He is married to an Aquarius and gave her the impression that he wanted to a
  • In 2 minds

    I’d appreciate others opinions. My first grandchild (a boy) is due on July 13th to my oldest daughter. Been waiting for a while for this exciting event. My daughter had a couple miscarriages over the last year. She’s happily married (2 years) with a v
  • Libra and Disappearing Acts

    Do you pull the proverbial disappearing act in relationships or are we getting a bad reputation based on some who do?
  • He just left me without any explanation

    I'm a sag girl and i've been friends with my libra best friend for 2 years. Our friendship was long distance because i moved around a lot and so did he. We would talk about anything together from ex's to sexx and other things, i felt so comfortable with h
  • Libra men and stress...

    Will a libra pull away from relationships to deal with family issues and stress?
  • Where are these passive/ weak willed Libra women at?!

    I constantly hear people talking about these women. Where?!? Who?!? I don’t know where this stereotype type came from. As a matter of fact, any astrology video or description I’ve ever read about Libra women states they are basically men in women’s form.
  • Libra woman interested again?

    So I liked a Libra and she showed heavy signs of interest back. Sometimes we would have small talk but I always got stuck in my head so I never got talked for long. When I didn't push for conversation after long enough, she lost interest. Skip 9 months an
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    How would you describe a Sagittarius man in Love?
  • How many followers do you have?

    I will reveal mine after about ten replies.
  • Best Post of the Day

    I was inspired to make a best post of the day thread by one of rabbit???s comments. Actually no, that sounds misleading
  • Music for Unrequited Love & Longing from Afar

    Sigh...what else is there to say? My favorites: When a man came at me like this, I was undone.
  • what placements do you have in Sagittarius?

    what qualities do you have of a Sagittarius and which placements?
  • I'm Virgo

    so I'm not self-absorbed. :)
  • Song of the moment.

    Post whatever you feel like. A song of the moment, the day, the month, the year. Figured i better stop spamming the front page all the time lol Came across this guy a few months back and just dig his music. https:/
  • Diorama as a romantic gesture?

    if a girl made you a diorama to commemorate how you guys met in a game called Left 4 Dead 2 set in the sewers when she saved you from an infected hunter... will you think this is romantic or creepy? just asking for a friend with her moon in the 8th and