1 Good Quality and 1 Bad Quality about your star sign ..GO !

Hello :) ! Tell me one of your good and bad quality of your star sign ..
  • Hello smile !
    Tell me one of your good and bad quality of your star sign ..
  • EvatheDiva
    Pisces: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn
    53 years old female from TX, USA
    One good quality; You can TRUST me
    One bad quality; lose that TRUST and you lost me! Angry

    Hug cyber hugs!


  • LibraLovesHim
    Moon Cap/Scorp ascen/Venus Lib
    Indecisive, impatient (hate having to go through a process)
  • LibraLovesHim
    Moon Cap/Scorp ascen/Venus Lib
    Oops and good would be ability to make those around me feel loved and cared for (this in turn makes me feel warm and fuzzy also)
  • Brittnie
    30 years old female
    Posted by TemporaryKodak
    1) aqua walls

    2) aqua "walls"

    Yes and Yes
  • 1) I can be quite seductive
    2) woman have the impress I cannot remain loyal
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