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  • I met this Libra at work. We are co-workers, yes, but I'm not too worried about that. We started hanging out between shift changes. We'd smoke and I'd just keep waiting for the next bus. And then the next, because conversation just won't end. We did, how
  • Does anybody have any advice for me about Libra men? I'm a Sag Woman and would like to know what they are like on a deeper level. Thank You, ♐
  • Daddy's Home 2

    Dusty and Brad finally have this thing down. That is, until their dads come to town, putting their newfound partnership to the ultimate test.
  • A libra was complaining about how logical Libras are and that holds them back. Comparing them to scorpios in this regard. Scorpios are extremely logical. Logic is so underrated. So if you're a logical Libra keep at it the world needs you.
  • How to be more decisive as a Libra? What does that even mean? Halp and do You think too much? How to stop that? lol
  • So my Libra just sat down with me tonight and we had yet another serious talk again...and when I say serious I mean the overall message. We still laughed together throughout and he kissed me several times during and after the conversation. Long conversati
  • The immediate post break up kind :( Wonder if this Venus retrograde is cranking up the effects? Man, I leave because it's the right thing to do, now I'm a nostalgic freak. My sag moon is doing nothing to help either.
  • Was hanging out with that Libra who's been trying to just be my friend (we're both mildly failing but no kissing or anything still lol) and he was in his suit from work and I commented on how great he looked. He said he had his tie in the car too and I as
  • How many people think Libra women are fake? Without a companion their personalities are basically non existant. Unlike their brash counterpart aries, these people cant make the simplest decisions without other peoples input or advice. These kind of perso
  • I love Capricorns. We argue but they always stand their ground and we can usually make each other crack up. Is this a common Libra thing, to adore Capricorns. My sister who kind of raised me is a Capricorn so I'm not sure if iove them because of her Inuen
  • So I have posted about this Libra before. We reunited as friends and quickly started seeing each other more and kissing and we always have so much fun together. He has shared so much with me in terms of his life events and I tell him a lot as well. On Hal