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  • Hello everyone, This is my first post on any forum, ever. But I am so caught into the "game" with libra man and I need to hear some objective opinions, hopefully from another libra guy. I am a taurus woman, and I'm 27. On the first look I am "hard t
  • I need inspiration, help me looksmax dxp
  • Mine = Libra sun, moon Capricorn, rising Gemini, Venus Scorpio and Mars Cancer, his = Aquarius sun, moon taurus, don't know his rising, venus Capricorn, Mars Pisces We've been knowing each other for like 1 year, he ignores me sometimes and get jealou
  • Wonderful as you lot may be, having befriended many of your kind ... Why do you lot lie about the most inane bullturd ? What on bloody hells earth do you get from doing so ? The Libran men seem to be culprits of this more so than the Libran wome
  • Background Libra Woman + Virgo Man. Met during college, dated for about two years, and married shortly after graduat
  • Hey I met this Libra lady last week everything was going great. We texted back and forth everyday, she was very reciprocal. We’re suppose to hang out this Friday but she’s been very distant with me. She didn’t text me at all on Sunday and I texted her thi
  • I’m a Gemini Woman (Sun) with her Moon in Pisces dating a Libra Man (Sun) with his Moon in Gemini. Basically everything was fine until we got into a relationship. He is a really wonderful boy and I feel like I can learn a lot from him. The problem is
  • Hey! I have some issues with a Libra man. We've just met (a few weeks ago) but I was instantly smitten by him. Don't know why I believed all bullbutter as to him wanting a relationship and all. He was away for a week when we started talking. Talked every
  • So i need some assistance. I am bisexual Cancer women and have been seeing a older Libra women . We have been having casual sex but i know she wanted more from me . In the beginning i played hard to get as you know it is hard for us cancers to open up
  • I'm trying to improve myself socially, because despite being a libra I'm not much of a people person...and I kinda want that to change. I just want to know how I am perceieved in the public. I know that the rising sign is supposed to be the "mask" but...I
  • Do Libras have short term feelings and leave? We have been talking for 3 weeks and went out a 3 times. He works in the air force so he has crazy hours. Now we haven’t seen each other for many reasons (weather, work, school). I’m worried that I will lose h
  • I met a guy online almost 3 weeks ago. I was hard to get in the first week but after we met we both fell for each other. I just want to know if libras are sincere and relationship type? I’m a Taurus and want to know what’s the best way to attract a guy wi
  • I am a Leo woman and about 2-3 months ago I started communication with Libra guy. We started our communication as friends and we still are very good ones. When I started to catch some feelings towards him, I was hiding it, because he said that does not wa
  • I joined DXP 3.5 years ago in search of help figuring out / tying down a Libra dude I was talking to long distance. Last night I found out he lost his battle with depression and is no longer with us. I hope he’s in a better place now, and may he Rest
  • Hi all, i'm a capricorn (32 y.o). I met this libra guy through Tinder. Before meeting he was veeeery veeeery interested in me...too much for my taste..i mean i had people behaving like that before...and they were all players. We met in person, he was defi
  • An Ode to Libra men... Sometimes they say hi but mostly don't. Sometimes they're prompt and other times just won't. Sometimes they're diabetic sweet and other times plain cold. There are many days a idle but also times when they're extremely bold.
  • I’ve dated a taurus (male) for a year and 7 months. in the beginning it was beautiful and perfect but somehow was not happy in the relationship. he initiated everything. I wanted to take things slow before getting into a relationship with him because he w
  • I’ve dated a taurus (male) for a year and 7 months. in the beginning it was beautiful and perfect but somehow was not happy in the relationship. he initiated everything. I wanted to take things slow before getting into a relationship with him because he w
  • we don't act like other Cardinals. Why?
  • I'm a Capricorn man interested in a Libra at my job who was told that I liked her. I think too much so most times she would come around, I wouldn't say anything to her. She started coming around my workstation more frequently then normal (just stansing ar
  • I connected with a libra female a couple months ago, long distance, but we seemed to hit it off and talked nearly everyday. Fast forward to our first meeting, and it felt like a disaster. She said she felt pressured etc. Reading between the lines a lit
  • So I had a colleague who is a Libra. We would be a little flirty initially but I wouldn't bother much. He, on the other hand was much more interested. He had just gotten out of a long term relationship, I was still not ready for any relationship. So it wa
  • I did the breaking up, but it hurt me terribly to do. ... Unfortunately, it never felt comfortable and after a longgg discussion realized we are one two different paths in life. I want marriage and kids (traditional). He has 8 years of school ahead of h