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  • I used to be a good at reading in high school. Always would raise my hand to read for the class. But I've seemed to have lost that aspect. Like I feel its more of a chore than anything. I can never focus. My mind always drifts to somewhere else. Usually m
  • Kathy45 Im a Virgo and my ex is a libra. We dated for 5 years. We broke up back in January becuase he was a jealous person and I felt as if he needed to work on I'm self, he agreed and we went separate ways. During this first break up we talked and hun
  • Do you like the complexity that jigsaw puzzles create? (Are you a puzzle fanatic)
  • To realize an amazing thing?? That you have an incredible unique and shocking connection with someone.. I love you guys you know this.. But really?!?! You wouldn't know a diamond if you held it in your hand.... ??
  • my Libra man (born 10/04) and I (a Taurus-Gemini cusp, born 5/17) have been together for about 3 years. we have been through some rough times with one another, but always stuck with each other, and today, we are the best of friends who hang out every day,
  • My friend who is s libra got mad at me about something that happened a year ago..she had some info from someone that I was talking mess about her and her husband. The person that told her mentioned it to her randomly a month ago and gave her bits in piece
  • Ok libras I need your help! Picture the following, You meet a nice guy that you like Go on some fancy dates Laugh and be happy Share lots of cuddles and kisses And then more cuddles But then.... Super average sex Be unhappy Guy wants anoth
  • ive been meeting some interesting Aquarius men lately are they a good some have a hard time expressing themse
  • I previously posted on here about my Libra ex. It has been over a month since we have separated and I still am upset, not because we aren't together but because I feel so manipulated. It feels like I fell in love with a lie because I don't know who this m
  • Seriously. Someone enlighten me. I've just become re-involved with me libra ex after 5 years. We were first loves. He went through a very crappy relationship in that time. He came back to our hometown and we met up about a week later. We instantly got t
  • Hi Librans, I'm a Leo who was with a Libra partner for 3.5 years. It was a strong stable relationship and we were both fulfilled in many ways through it. But he broke up with me in December 2017, saying that the feelings are no longer the same but tha
  • Hello, I need some help here. I was dating a libra man and I am an Aquarius woman. I broke up with him because he would get drunk and lose his temper and forget everything he said the next day. it happened about 4 times and the last time I had said eno
  • Okay so I am an Aquarius. I met this Libra guy in about four months ago in school while being in a relationship with a Pisces for 7 years. This Libra guy would text me frequently but understood that I was in a relationship. Last month, I found out my Pisc
  • So I met this Libra four months ago in a science class. We really hit it off after we realized that we had similar goals after graduation and want to apply to the same grad school. I exchanged numbers with him despite me being in a relationship with my Pi
  • Is it a common for a libra man to take things slow? Okay here's the story: *kinda lengthy* I lost my virginity to this libra guy and we basically grew up since tween years. We're in our mid 20s now. He's a few years younger than me and partly that's
  • Would you ever date a cancer? Reasons why or why not. I know a Libra-Scorpio guy and I want to know if we could make it work or not. I know a few Libras and a few Scorpios but I click better with Scorpio over Libra so...thanks for the input!
  • Met this Libra guy with a Virgo moon & Venus in Scorpio earlier this year he was having a tough time with his Aries gf & he decided to break up with her. We started hanging out as acquaintances but our chemistry was just too good & I could sense that phys
  • I think I've already posted a thread asking for advice about libra men. Anyway libra guy I've known for a little over a month. We've been on 3 dates and this last one we got into an argument because I gave him my phone and he told me he didn't have it onl
  • Should I let a libra girl ghost me, or should I stay persistent?
  • I strive for relationships, constantly seeking them out. But only seem to want to be with emotionally unavailable people. If a dude likes me, is forth coming and not a shit bag... I immediately start critiquing the fuck out of him. Finding any flaw to tur