Libras and anger

How do Libras express themselves when they are mad or upset about something in a relationship?
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I dont show it and shrug it off. I do NOT like confrontation at ALL
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No I don't like to be passive aggressive at all. I can be either passive or aggressive depending on weather or not I need to be in the battle or not. In most instances I realize that the situation is either not worth confrontation itself or not worth the risk of falling on my own sword so I let it go. Some are so I engage.
_ perefer to be passiveagressive.
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Truly, it is nice to have you about again Nic. We don't always agree, as you know, but I love the conversations and respect your pursuit of truth.

Welcome back!"

Thank you LS. It's nice come around once and a while and take part in intelligent conversations with posters like you. Like you said we don't always agree but I think how you and I process things is really similar so I get a sense of familiarity in disagrement with you. I respect your pursuit of truth as well.

"it makes me laugh how people think libras will avoid confilct, i love fighting for some reason it gives me a rush if im mad and diplomacy has failed than we can engage in fisticuffs got damn it. Keep think libras wont fight that assI've been in plenty"

I feel you. I don't really try to avoid conflict. I actually tend to go toward it. However there is a distinct difference for me in how I initially react depending on the circumstances. If I am watching it unfold before me between two other parties I get a nervous feeling, though, it doesn't show. If someone attacks me out of no where I get a nervous feeling, though, it rarely shows. If someone is doing something unjust or wrong in my opinion, I start it.

In first two scenarios I get a nervous, tense feeling and my mind goes into overdrive trying to process every detail and avoid it. If it can not be avoided then the switch flips and I go into the "Zone" so to speak. weather words or fists I tend to just act and react and destroy the cause of the confrontation weather person or otherwise.

Here is the interesting part, and I know it is a Libra part. When it does go to fists I get pretty sadistic. Physical violence almost seems easy to me, like child's play. I feel like the adversary is in slow motion and as dangerous as a pillow and I have the luxury of picking where I want to hurt the other person and how much. Now, where the hell is that in our pussified Libra horoscopes?

"And we will lash out in words firsat when we are angry and try to tear you a new marker with words..."

Yup. What about this though? For me it is primarily a psychological battle weather with words, body language or fists. I butter talk and provoke certain reactions just to deal specific damage like a cat playing with a mouse. Once someone takes me to the point where it is a confrontation my only priority is utter dominance of that person. Making them actually realize that the state in which they are left is totally in my control.
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Truly, it is nice to have you about again Nic. We don't always agree, as you know, but I love the conversations and respect your pursuit of truth.

Welcome back!
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I am the same way LS. Our sympathetic/Empathetic nature has a hidden symptom....we know how to nurture but we also know how to destroy. We just have no natural interest in the latter unless someone sparks it.

Were also not all that defensive in our defensiveness. When forced to defend ourselves we become offensive. No need to exchange, the point isn't the battle, it's the victory.
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nice to see you again Nic! Yay!

* "You can hurt me, I can end you" mindset

ummmm ... this is very me.

I tend not to have the same buttons as other people so I am hard to upset or defeat and manipulative with emotional arguments. But I am highly perceptive and usually know other people and what makes them tick. I don't go for the button, I go for the jugular and I don't let up.

Happily, I am very slow to anger and seldom get angry on my own behalf. I tend to get upset about injustices as they pretain to others. In my own life, I tend to reason and rationalize my way through it. I tend towards short bursts of irritation or frustration, more than any real form of anger.
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I have been playing fake poet philosopher this week Cooks.

Have no fear. Will punch when drunk.
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"Thanks for your response b/c I have seen him have disagreements w friends and at work he's super aggressive about verbal confrontation"

I am always left wondering what all of the astrologers smoke after reading their descriptions of us: "Peaceful, harmonious, lovers of beauty, hates confrontation etc." That is all right but I don't know how they miss the "...but do not provoke to the point of reaction."

I mean don't get me wrong. I would rather spend every moment in harmony and equilibrium true but it seems that they mis the point that sometimes you have to FORCE something into or out of the scales to create equalizer.

"Libras are not programmed to express anger, it does not compute."

LOL....this is kind of true. Exactly how destructive we can be in anger doesn't compute until after we cool down.

I am not hot headed by any means and very hard to anger or at least provoke into acting in anger when it comes to domestic issues. I have a getting mad about it just distracts from the problem attitude towards anger in relationships and sometimes I have to remind myself that being so poised can often just add to the confusion of the other person.

But....when it comes to anyone outside of my relationship I can be very aggressive and confrontational. I do hate confrontation but just like anger in domestic arguments dislike for something that needs to happen or something someone else needs to hear or feel is not all that productive.

I don't know if a lot of other Libras around here are like me but, and it always comes down to objectively right and wrong in my mind, I can go from calm and cool but firm explaining myself to tearing them down and provocation in extreme cases.

But....I really do have a "You can hurt me, I can end you" mindset when it comes to confrontation.
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Darn LS, I was trying to get a rise out of you with my last comment. Hmmm, maybe anger does not compute...

In my experience, how a Libran woman expresses anger depends on her other placements. One ex-GF would bottle up and then explode over something very minor. The other Libra lass I know is very upfront the second you irritate her. But she has many planets in Virgo, unfortunately...
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ummmm .... perhaps there is nothing wrong.

Not broken. Don't fix.

I throw my drink in the biotch face, beat that ass, try to run her over with my car.... come on chick this is the Libra board. I think we are boring when it comes to anger, there are some exceptions. I can be pushed but even I don't like that side of me.
He has said that whenever he said the slightest thing to his ex she would completely flip out..

He is grateful to you too for not going nuts on him --- my libra friends are like that, when they say something, they say, are you angry...I'll say no, should I be?

I think you are in one of the good libra/aries relationshions - I have never been flipped at a libra before or a libra being too mad at me...we find a way to gently communicate it --- we always find it's some outside party or influence causing it but I'm not one of the more aggressive aries so most people never see me mad - if I get a red flash, I kick something and anger over
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I'm a libra and I express my anger but only with those I'm close to, and I try to never resort to yelling. I have a cancer boyfriend who I am pretty damn good at letting know when I'm angry, but I try to do it calmly and less in your face. Maybe your libra just isnt comfortable enough with you yet to let you know he's angry or maybe he just hasn't gotten angry enough to let it be shown to you. I say enjoy the time of peace or just talk to him about it...libras love that!
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