Narcissism and the signs

Which are the top 5 narcissistic signs?
female from the sparrow tree
Five planets of Libra
Actually, I don't really like mirrors. I just look down. LMAO!!!

Sorry TMI. hee hee!
34 years old male from Arizona
"Actually, I don't really like mirrors. I just look down. LMAO!!!"

Oh yes. I usually do this, and pull my partner up with one arm, hold myself up with the other so they can look down to. I like watching, I like watching them watch more. Sharing is caring.
male from Singapore
A simple complicated libran. Sun: Libra Ascendant: Gemini
***Libras love mirrorsprinkle

Mirror is our mentor.
41 years old female from Australia
I am a Gemini and I think I'm fantastic. I do the stuff Nico says eg. flirt, but then back off when they come to the challenge or whatever.

female from the sparrow tree
Five planets of Libra
Nico as in the singer?
34 years old male from Arizona
There is a singer named Nico?
female from the sparrow tree
Five planets of Libra
Bite your tongue!

Yes. There was a singer named Nico. Did you ever see The Royal Tenenbaums? She sings These Days. She use to sing with the Velet Underground.

She was awesome. A total icon.

also ... a libra.
28 years old
" Rising Leo Virgo Sun + Ar
34 years old male from Arizona
I think a lot of people are clumping two different things together:

Vanity and Narcissism.

Narcissistic: Leo, Taurus (men), Capricorn women and Gemini (men), some Virgo (women).

Vain: Libra, Taurus (women), Leo (women), some scorps.
male from Pacific Northwest
"tall, dark and handsome"
Good call, nic'.
female from TX
narcassistic is a synonym for vanity...they're one and the same.
female from TX
along with smug, conceited, egotistical, pompous....all mean the same.

We all, no matter what your sign, possess these traits.
34 years old male from Arizona
"libras can be narcasisstic and vain what with all that venusian beauty and social popularity ."
"leo as well ."

I think libras act, like actually know when their doing it, or do it purposefully and Leo's just come across as such. When I am being chickeny I am purposefuly doing so, I know I am, when I am acting any way I know I am acting that way. Usually, there are always exceptions like when I am being reactionary but for the most part it is a knowledgable act.
31 years old male from the rusty planet.
"I can be soft spoken, but I carry a big stick and find honor in such, balancin
"And SOME capricorns but not all. Tito Ortiz anyone? he's a great example of a Capricorn with this trait."

Tito Ortiz is an Aquarius actually. Big shock huh?
female from Scorp Town
"Rising Sign is in 10 Degrees Sagittarius You are known for being open, fr
lol this is funny, my mom is libra and she is def. full of herself. She always goes on about how beautiful wshe was when she was younger and how she coulda had any guy she wanted

*(rolls eyes)*

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