Crab women or Scorpio?

By 2MoonFebruary 11, 2021 6:31pm — 37 replies
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If you are a libra: DO NOT DATE A VIRGO. that is all, just trust me on this one. I could write a book about them and how they are terrible people. I'm not even hating or whatever. That's all I'm gonna say.
the best pairing?
I miss my relationship with my sagittarius ex, wahhhhh. It was the best I ever had. 😭😭😫😓 This thread is for libras and sagittarius. Lol.
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Libras and Cancers: an power couple? This thread is officially dedicated to crabs and leebs!
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whats your experience with this pairing? did the relationship work? how did the breakup go? me and my guy definitely moved fast, he met me at a vulnerable state moved in with each other and talking getting a place together soon, im optimistic and skepti
Will my Libra man come back
Hello I am an aries and Ive been dating a wonderful Libra man for about 4 weeks before I runined it on Xmas night. A little bckgrd on him, he is 49 going through divorce 2 kids has a business, quite successful. Im in my mid 20s no kids, never married, col
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So there is a libra ex of mines who hit me up a while back and I brushed him off kind of. I decided to reach out and suggest drinks. He’s not much of a texter so he replied with the 👌🏾. Meaning? Then he was like we can call each other about it. Is he expe
What’s going on with Libras?
Recently I’ve noticed Libras to be extremely passive aggressive and emo-tion-al *rolls eyes* I’ve always found you guys to be impulsive and easily angered but this is a more annoying. Is some planet in retrograde, a 2020 thing or are these common traits a
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Hello Everyone. What are your opinions on Libra moon's? I kinda feel they're not genuine in a way
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