Is this not relationship behaviour??

By Newnat2June 11, 2022 2:30am — 24 replies
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Is this not relationship behaviour??
fellow librans-i have never come across this before and i find it strange that it almost feels like he is already in a relationship with me in his head for example he mistakenly thought recently i was upset that he needed to meet a female friend for cof
Libra said I was the best thing
that happened to him this year and he was happy to have met me then started acting stupid before that things were pretty good facetimed and talked a lot and was having good sex but then he started acting funny i didn t consider him for a relation
Understanding a Libra
we not thenmodt popular sign on here lol and western astrology will convince you we soft let me tell ya thats the furthest thing from the truth i know plenty ogs thats libras some i kicked it with they was too with the shits for me lol but i k
Libra Man Not Initiating Texts?
i matched with a libra guy online a few weeks ago we talked via text for about a week before we were finally able to meet at 7 30 am on a saturday for a hike i thought our date went extremely well but we are both pretty busy right now hes a lawyer
Ok my fellow leebs ... Personality question
so heres the deal i dont like negativity sounds like a good thing right i mean its plastered everywhere be positive positive vibes only how to avoid the negativity blah blah blah but its really just not i mean yeah being a walking d
Why would a Libra (woman) flirt heavily with someone but then give a fake number?
my co-worker regularly goes between hot and cold attitudes when shes up she makes heavy physical contact but when shes down she doesnt even initiate a hello she just looks at me whenever i walk by i didnt see anything in the synastry but maybe i
Can the most romantic sign..
leave you feeling empty like i get that libras looooove romance are loyal to a fault will love you til death do you part but it also feels like they dont do heavy lifting when it comes to their partners emotions or maybe theyre not able to i tr
Putin’s a Libra
okay i can see how the obsessiveness could be a libra thing but where on earth does he get his work ethic from obviously the man has a motor that doesn t stop not to mention that coldness in his eyes the way he starts wars not super libra-esque thi
Libras : fake flakes?
hahaha are you guys and gals still fake flakes or has there been more genuine improvements in your personalities it s been a minute fill me in xoxo