Signs a Libra man isn't interested

I've seen a few posts asking for signs of interest. How about any signs a Libra man isn't interested in a woman.
I've seen a few posts asking for signs of interest. How about any signs a Libra man isn't interested in a woman.

what do you mean? can you give details?
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Not returning phone calls or texts in a timely fashion
Showing annoyance towards you
Talking to you about other women he's interested in
If you don't feel like you're the only woman in the world when you're together....he's not interested!
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I agree with LibraOct1087
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pursuing vs not pursuing.
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Posted by lovelygirl89
sometimes they just do that when they wana show u that theyre mad at u but when the scales are balanced again and he is not mad overtime he would show interest again

libras lose interest when they're mad. it's not like it's some kind of game. the lack of interest in genuine. they're just really easy to win back over.
or just flat out tell you they aren't interested, right?
Popcorn is best for these kinds of occasions. Carry on folks =)
You'll know when a Libra man is not interested in you when:
1. You can't seem to shake that feeling that he is just leading you on. Libra men might start off playing games in the beginning, but make no mistake about it..when they are actually serious about someone, they go out of their way to make sure that that person knows it, thus there should be no reason why the other person still has any questions about whether or not they are liked.
2. They don't keep up any communication with you. When a Libra is interested in you, they'll naturally want to talk to you all the time & be around you as much as possible. And this stems from MOST people's need to want to be around anyone & anything that stimulates them (mentally/physically/sexually, ect.)
3. They won't ever commit to you. They'll keep stressing how the 2 of you should just remain as friends. Libras generally aren't afraid to commit, so if you come across one that isn't willing to take that next step with you, it often isn't b/c they're commitment-phobic. No, it's usually b/c they just aren't that into you.
4. They'll tell you countless stories about their flings/relations with other women. When a Libra really wants you, he'll do his best to make sure that you know so. And every man knows the WORST way to show admiration is through bragging about other women, or showing that other women occupy just as much of his time that you do.
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He shags another girl in your bed.
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Five planets of Libra

I believe it is a sure sign that he "just isn't that into you". People sometimes miss the obvious. lol!

female from the sparrow tree
Five planets of Libra
Plus, if he shags a girl in a bed other than yours, there is still a chance that he may be interested in you. In your bed, probably not.

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