female from TX
Leos and Virgos in my opinion. Both can be very vane and judgmental of others.

QS, I emailed you back.

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OK guys so this is a bit more complicated so bear with me please. I was engaged to a Capricorn with whom I have 2 kids. He told me he needs a break because of his financial issues in the summer 2017 so me and the kids moved to my hometown. There I met thi
So from my first post i was dealing with a Libra man, I'm a gem, that had allot of issues. Drinking every night 12 pack, still hung up on his ex, lots of drama and issues with everything out seems like. He was hot and cold with me, one minute acting like
Hello everyone, This is my first post on any forum, ever. But I am so caught into the "game" with libra man and I need to hear some objective opinions, hopefully from another libra guy. I am a taurus woman, and I'm 27. On the first look I am "hard t