female from USA
and LLT is right, you notice she's a new found best friend forever...we move fast to get in for a lifetime. She'll want him to come to her for advice and whatnot. She might not try to make him her man but she definitely wont complain if some type of codependency arises.

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ok heres the thing, i had this thing with aries female long story short- she pretty much got the aqua and thats fine- she can have him. they see each other at dance classes ( where me and the aqua started) but coz she doesn't drive he started tak
Found an interesting article (http://www.metaphoricalplatypus.com/fun-stuff/astrology/astrology-love-and-marriage/love-marriage-and-compatibility-for-taurus/) that talks about two studies measuring the signs Taurus marry most often, one from 1998 and one