virgo does not chase is this statement true?

30 years old male from virgo land
We are not chaser its true he only did bc he knew u for so long so he had a long out plan in his head on how to get u. unlike other sign its hard for us to chase after strangers the whole fear of the unknow. this is why we don't respond to women that do the whole playing hard to get thing. i hate it. we are very direct so if u tell us ur not into us we will believe u at ur word. the only time does this change is when we know u for a long time and we think ur the one.

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We are the middle ground of the earth signs which are pratical and mental by nature. Both emotional(Capricorn) and cold counculating(Taurus) at the same time. We are formost practical and logical and this is shapped by our life experiences not intellegan I love her readings