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"I'll tell you when I find out all about me, myself, and I"
Posted by sweethearts
Gullible Yes because we like to believe in the best of people. We like to think they are all as honest and honorable as maybe that is stupid but it never hurt anyone but ourselves. I've always learnt to learn from past mistakes so when someone pulls the wool over my eyes it'll only happen once because then I'll always be on the look out next time round and not sooo gullible!

Hi Sweethearts -

Gullible has such a negative connotation - I am not gullible.

Like you, I do believe that everyone has good in them. However, I don't fall for okey-doke hook, line, and sinker just because I choose to believe that people are good. I know that people are capable of deceit, manipulation, lying, cheating, etc. and will attempt to victimize you if you aren't careful.

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