How do Capricorn react when they are jealous?

46 years old female from NY
"Im Crazy, Sexy, and Cool!!! Im a single attractive woman who has been single f
Yeah I see you been paying attention. Everything I mention is true! He be blessing me in the bedroom. Why you think I was acting up. I make him think he got the best dick on the planet. I understand him a lot more. He was loving the attention.I stop giving him as much attention now. This was my 1st time ever having any type of relationship with a capricorn man. I know he has a good heart now, he just act so dam cold sometimes. That's a big front I don't understand why cappys don't really show their feelings. I know he has feelings for me but he think, I think if he show any feelings he can't control my actions. I've have been giving him space and not calling all the time and know he's been fine. I still have a lot of work to do in order to break down that shell of his.LOL

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