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This is not about public transport, but more rather, a public bathroom at a park. I was barely 18 at this time and was walking home from school and needed to use a bathroom, so I went to a public park bathroom and noticed someone dressed like a contracting painter parked near the bathroom. So I went in and started my piss and that guy walks right in and stands next to me and pees, completely ignoring the buffer zone. I noticed he was looking at me and I looked over and said hello and he said hi back with weird eyes, all open and wide like. I paused, continued my business and looked at him again because he was still watching. He had a full erection and was masturbating towards the urinal and staring at me. I slammed his face into the wall multiple times and ran off before anyone could see me. I never returned to that bathroom. I actually told a friend who lives not too far from that area and he told me that this park bathroom in particular was known to have homosexual activities.

This is quite common be careful.

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