i'm a pisces with an aries venus and I completely understand what you're talking about. it's not so much that I feel the need to be in a relationship, but that I feel the need to be close with someone. moreover, when I do find someone I dig, it is INTENSE. if i like you, i really like you.

like @remixgeneralfishy, I am also a hopless romantic who falls for people that's i will never have a chance with.

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Hi everyone. I badly need your help. I apologize for the lengthy post. This is about my Piscean man’s problem: He has been distant with his family, and because of that his siblings are against our relationship. They even contacted me and asked me to end
Because i never see one who is not bad with money really, lack of realism of how the world workd maybe?
...and your current gf is a pisces, I'm really having a great thanksgiving, siikeeee