Pisces girl needs advice on scorp man

25 years old from USA
Scorp Sun, Aries Moon, Gem Rising
Posted by Adreamuponwaking
Not trying to be a troll but he's going to hook up with another girl if he hasn't already. Scorpios and long distance situations never really work out. They need too much attention and are so selfish that they will cheat on you and convince themselves that's okay because you ( their partner) has probably done it already.

However ,Pisces women are natural sadist especially if they are in their late teens and early twenties which is what I'm assuming you are so despite this excellent advice I'm giving you right now you're probably going to do everything in your power to make your relationship with this dude work despite all of the red flags. You'll waste a couple years of your youth which you will never get back.

Also you don't love him by the way. You "lust" him and are purely infatuated. The chemicals will eventually wear off sometime within the next 14 months.You'll stop thinking about him all the time and that initial "chemistry" will dissipate. He'll eventually just annoy the crap out of you. This I promise you.

Not necessarily true. I was separated from my bf for 5 months and completely loyal, and im not a virgin either. It depends on how secure and connected we feel with that person. Communication and understanding is key. Scorps can be one of the most loyal signs because we are generally so sincere.

Also, i was separated from mt ex for 10 months while he went on a mission somewhere. And again, i didnt even think about cheating, even with so many nights crying myself to sleep missing him.

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