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Just in case, I'll leave this here...

Those are really good, I can learn from several things in that article.

My Aqua ex, he was the epitome of the "expecting 50/50" part on that article. I never felt like I was good enough because he was ALWAYS watching me and keeping tally on what he did vs what I did, and he constantly let me know, daily, that he did this and this so I had better do that. It was the most miserable I've ever been in my life, in all ways.

Cracked has some good info sometimes.

Did your ex have a Cancer Mars or Virgo Venus?

No, he was probably a Gemini moon (unless he was born after 7:20pm, then it would be cancer but I doubt that if we are going to base it on astrology characteristics) and had all the rest of the 6 planets in Capricorn, and then the Pluto in Scorpio of course.

Would cap Venus do that?

My fiancé now has the same cap mars though and he's the best. He does dishes and takes my dog outside without tallying it or without my asking, it means a lot to me. I think acts of service is my love language lol.

The Aqua and I were young (20-23) and he had next to no experience in relationships before. I think he just had a skewed perception of what it should be like. He is very educated (an engineer), but from what I saw post-me, he seems to go for the bimbo would-be-housewife and unemployed type, so I think he's found that he's looking for a female to fill that housekeeper role in a relationship.

IDK I was just seeing if maybe there was a coincidence. My wife and I both sometimes fall into one of those "I do so much more around here" moods from time to time. It's usually during times of stress.

I'm sure that STRESS is the cause not astrology but since we both have ViV I thought I'd see.

I bet I would really hate that feeling, it's very easy to fall into resentment that way. I know it was for my ex, I never felt that I did more than him though because of the things he said so I can't fully relate.

Yes, I'm sure it boiled down 100% to stress. He was studying engineering full time and working full time, and I was going to cosmetology school and working part time, so tbh I could see where his frustrations towards me came from. But it still wasn't nice and I wouldn't wish it on my enemy. I think we took on a lot all at once.

How do you and your wife makeup from those moods? Just apologize eventually once things settle down and hug it out?

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Sometimes you just admit you're being a dick and move on.

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