Gemini sun, Capricorn moon
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Gem women,
What do you think of libra men?

A- ride him all night.. Till sun is up..
B- Husband material..
C- Charming nice dude
D- what a beautiful trash can!
N- Other...

I wanna know everything... good-bad impressions, the beauty and the ugly.
..gimmie the truth. (Gulp!)

Also.. @blackphase

Lol.. I'm trying to refrain from lumping you all together. You all have your own individual personalities and influences and such..

What I will say.. Yes, you are all quite charming, beautiful, ride ya till the sun comes up yada yada, Lol. However cannot say I have ever met a Libra male that was husband material. Haven't met one I trust, I don't know what it is about you guys, but you all give me this sneaky, un-genuine sense. And it's likely just me and my head, can't seem to put my finger on it. It's almost like I never seem to believe the face a Libra man is showing me.


You are probably not the only one thinking like that...

Libra is a butterfly in a human form.

I think it's all the Scorp in me that doesn't mesh well with that Sun in a man. You must remember yourself, there have been times we were talking about things and it became misunderstood by one another. I remember one time giving you advice on something and you found my response to be very domineering, I remember you comparing me to a father figure in the way I responded, which was not how I intended it.. do you remember that?

And you posted your other placements the other day.. all that water seems like it would mesh so well with me, like we would get along and understand one another, yet we still sometimes don't.. It's gotta be that Sun.. I run into this with all Libra males and it sucks cause you guys seem to attract me more than most other signs.

I guess you're more Gemini than you let on to be 😝

Gemini + Libra = supposedly ❤

Yeah, but I already went down that road.. was the worst possible match for me!
And I have nothing but issues and misunderstandings with these men in general.

True... are you still talking with each other?

Haven't seen him in 3 weeks.. that's the longest I have ever gone without seeing him. We talk on and off. I'm trying to remain in the off..
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You need to find you a good water or earth sign man ! You deserve someone awesome and who is strong AF and immune to paranoia ....bc ... scorp moon it's too bad that in my experiences, Gemini and Aries men put up with the most craziness lol. I know bc my guy and an Aries man past obsession. Aw, I even think you'd go well with a Gemini with a water moon.

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