Serial Killers and Astrology Analysis

Venus ruled, Star gazing Scorpio with Moon in Taurus
I actually keep an open mind with astrology, like to hear other people's opinions and not just stick to one...that's all, no big deal

Chill out man...

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I really been meaning to know. My mother is a Libra Sun with Virgo moon... neither of those are water so Im wondering what makes her emotional? She easily gets stressed out, to the point where she will claim anxiety everytime something becomes too much tr
So I'm rewatching the bachelorette and I found out that Peter is a Sagittarius sun Scorpio Venus 😭😭😭😭 I KNEW THERE WAS A REASON I LIKED HIM But Bryan is an aqua sun aries Venus and he was cool but I WANTED HER TO BE WITH PETER PETER I WAS ROOTING FO
The Moon will be at 9* Scorpio, EXACTLY conjunct Conor's PLUTO.....and almost conj Floyd's Uranus (11*) Which suggests the former will be demolished, and the latter will get a surprise, a sudden change....l think he's gonna kill him. Also rising will