Serial Killers and Astrology Analysis

it's really the stubborn stupidity that's bothersome.

but i'll disengage now.

this is the type of algol influence i'm talking about. it ensures a life of punishment and loneliness.... people just don't want to deal with you irl.

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Like your Sun is in Cancer, their Jup in Cancer. Were they exhilirating? Did it feel like they expanded your energy ?
Sun 17°10' Leo Moon 7°04' Aries Mercury 10°19' Virgo Venus 12°25' Leo Mars 16°58' Я Aquarius Jupiter 27°01' Scorpio Saturn 5°09' Gemini Uranus 10°40' Libra Neptune 0°18' Я Sagittarius Pluto 28°01' Virgo Chiron 13°3