# Responsible Indulgence
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Posted by Teena
Posted by P6X58DE
Posted by Teena
Posted by P6X58DE
I may be a Cancer.. feminine sign.. but hell to the know with makeup.. i know nothing lol.

Lol!! I'd enjoy making you do it for me once then. It's fun to see guys getting awkward with this thing. Few "My boyfriend does my make-up" videos on YouTube are hilarious

LOL no offence... hmm actually.. dunno i may do it right TBH... no just no... this is a womans face not a sketch pad.. lol

Lol!! You should definitely try it sometime. You sound like a right candidate to have laughs with while doing it

Oh it would be funny for sure... not sure if you would be laughing after the artwork i have left on your face lol.

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?? I'd still laugh trust me!! It's so cool

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