Wee have s daughter together wee have been together to 19 years wee got in to a fight in Nov.and he kicked us out because I had trust issue that he put there.do you think it is over for good our do I just half to give him space.xxx

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This is where I ass-kiss Leos. When it comes to hurt, bruised ego they give the best advice. It's the only time when I feel me & Leos are on the same wavelength. We have the same approach to life & troubles :D Also, just like me, they know people don'
Let's hear your stories! Tell us how you met!
Met an Aries guy online, and this is the first time for both of us that we moved so fast, felt super comfortable and found a great level of understanding in such a short while. Don't ask me the time we've been talking, you'd be surprised. We have a lot of