Wee have s daughter together wee have been together to 19 years wee got in to a fight in Nov.and he kicked us out because I had trust issue that he put there.do you think it is over for good our do I just half to give him space.xxx

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We met 4 months ago and only made it official 2 weeks ago. He cried in front of me last night. He had good reason to be upset (someone he knew passed away a couple of days ago) but I was a little taken back because most men I know would never cry in fro
Hey just for a bit of fun I thought I would start a thread. So I would like to know as Leo which signs have you dated and out of those signs which would did you have a better relationship with. I will start Relationship 1 - Virgo - Lasted 2 ye
Im a cancer male shes a female leo Im not the typical cancer i have a lot of air in my chart. Anyway do leo girl use guys for comfort after a break up and not honest? I hate having doubt so i told her dont treetrunking play me cause u just got out an abu