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Heyy so for all of you who have been following my stories, Thank you!
Your feedback has helped me genuinely.

Long Story short, My Aries man is now living in NY. He messages me every day and it's mostly him telling me how he's settling in and what he's up to. I'm also visiting him in December for a week. So it's lovely really that he's keeping in touch more than I expected because we were going out, we were just dating for almost a year knowing he would move away so we both didn't commit.

I packed his bags and helped him look for a place to rent in NY when I'm living in Ireland. He's been so lovely and thankful for all I've done. BUT This is how I feel. I tell him I miss him. he said he missed me too.
he's texting me more than normal. He's sending me pictures and he's getting excited about me coming to visit him.

I love him, I really do but sometimes I feel like he's not interested somehow. I'm always paranoid that I'm bothering him and letting him live in the new city. Also if he likes me that much, why is it so hard for him to say I miss you too first sometimes or just end it altogether if he's not interested.

Or maybe I'm just moody and confused. What do you think?

The last part maybe correct lol, I have these too. But I would also find it a little difficult living "in limbo" I am very black and white, and this for me would be living in the grey area-but this is a recent thing for me since i reached 30's. How old are you both? Are you working/studying etc? Keep on with your life doing with your own thing and try not to focus on him too much-I know easier said than done...
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We are both in mid 20's yeah you're right. I feel like I need to let him go in away and do my own thing too. If it meant to be, he'll make it not so grey and white haha

I hope your trip in New work with the family went well, fill me in the news ?

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