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    Posted by IamTheRam
    I will change all my life, and meet her wherever she want's me to go.

    That's nice to know.

    You ain't a fighter, more like a lover, to me. Big Grin
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    Humm..do i really give off that impression ?..because if you knew me irl i dunno if you wold say something like that ^^

    But maybe i am...we all wear *mask's* after all...and i guess it's easier for us to take them off on the *Internet* smile

    But isn't a Lover a Fighter also ?...after all you just asked "How far wold you go for Love" ^^

    But i understand what you were trying to say ^^

    I guess it's just a different type of *Battle*...one that is actually worth fighting all the way and how far it actualy need's to be...woldn't you agree ? smile
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