Which earth sign Gems have more affinity towards?

I crack myself up.
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Well, this is related to one of my mentor and very close Gemini female friend. When I used to talk to her our conversations would be more awkward rather than normal regular conversations. Due to this I felt guilty as I felt I did not do her complete justice. We know each other for more than 4 years now but even then our conversations are the same with I would say slight improvement due to the time factor. It still lacks the warmth and closeness and is a bit awkward. She tried her level best to engage with me but I just never learned to express myself. Sometimes we can be sitting together and not talk and do our own thing and we will be fine. We connect better physically. I can sit on her desk and she will be fine with it, I can't even think of such a thing with someone I don't know much. One time she allowed me to kind of lay on her lap, with her bag in between, and I felt good as it meant she trusts me enough and we do have some connection and we had a really good conversation that time. But such moments are quite rare. She is like an elder sister to me. And I accept that boundaries should always be maintained and maybe that is why I never crossed any line and tried hard to build any personal relationships. All this time I always maintained a safe distance but now I feel bad as i feel our connection should have been stronger than what it is now.

Well I wanted some opinion on this. Will someone comment? @nano, @blue_froggie, @blvkphase

Sorry I missed this post and I believe I deleted my account. This is blue_froggie.
In not sure what you are looking for here... Regarding this Gem. I notice this isn't your first post about her.

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Hey, thanks for replying but I have mostly moved on now. Will PM you if need be, if that is fine by you.

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