Signs a Cancer Man is Interested?

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    I’ve been in contact with a Cancer man for the past few months. We live about 2 hours away from each other so we usually communicate over text. Each time we text, I’m always the one initiating the conversation. He responds promptly, but would stop texting back after a couple of texts. He’s apologized multiple times for being a bad texter though and said that it’s not his preferred method of communication, which I agree because I feel the same way, but it’s difficult because we live 2-3 hours away from each other. When I messaged him once, he asked if I was in town because he was hoping he could finally asked me out, but I told him that I had moved to a different city.

    After initiating contact multiple times, I gave up and decided to not contact him at all because I don’t want to feel like I’m chasing after him and I can’t tell if he’s interested or not. A couple of weeks after no contact, he texts me and complimented me on a drawing of mines that I posted on my Instagram. I told him “thanks” and left it at that because I did not expect him to respond back to my text. However, he texted me 4 hours later and asked how I’m doing and we even kept the conversation going for about a week. Once again, he apologized for texting me back late and explained why he responded late, but he also said that he’s trying. We got to know a little more about each other but we didn’t get into anything deep (like past relationships or very personal things). I told him that I would be in town and he seemed really interested and suggested that we hang out and to keep him updated on if I come or not. I was finally able to see him and we only hung out for an hour because he had to work. I was very nervous because I’m that way when I reallllllllly like someone. I kept smiling the entire time because he was too good to be true. We had got food and I didn’t really like my empanada, so he offered to finish it for me. He literally ate it after I had already took a bite out of it. I’m not sure if he does that to everyone or not, but I found it strange, yet cute lol he was very animated and charismatic. He kept me laughing the entire time and we talked about school and video games. Turns out we both play Xbox so he asked me for my gamer tag and I gave it to him so we can add each other. I then asked him about his texting habits and he told me that they’re probably not gonna change because texting isn’t really his thing and he prefers to talk in person. I asked his birthday, it’s July 20th and he asked mines. He’s introverted as well, but he comes off like he’s an extrovert (at least that was the case when we were together). He asked when’s the next time I’ll be in town but I told him I wasn’t sure. He mentioned that he should come to Dallas (where I live) some time and I agreed. He told me he’d see me later and we hugged each other.

    I text him the next day saying I enjoyed seeing him and that he was very funny and charismatic. He messaged me back a day later and told me he enjoyed hanging out with me as well and wished me a happy thanksgiving. I guess my biggest issue is that I can’t figure out if he likes me or not because the “date” (if that’s what you want to call it) seemed very platonic and we didn’t get into deep conversation about family or past relationships or just discussing the direction of our friendship. I prefer to be straightforward, but I’m a bit afraid of rejection and I also don’t want to scare him off by being too direct or appearing to be very clingy. How do you know when a Cancer guy is interested? It comes off like he’s interested in some way, but I’m not completely sure if it’s romantically. I’m also unsure if I should attempt to call him or not since he doesn’t like to text. By the way, I’m a Taurus woman smile

    creepily, your situation is very much similar to mine's. me and my cancer man both lived 2 hours ish apart from each other too and till date i've known him for over 3 months now. i've also always been the one initiating convos and he would reply almost instantly. we're not official either. except my situation is a tad more complicated considering quite a lot has happened in between lol.

    i was so confused as well and had to put up a post in here. and i never did that. long story short, i was told he's basically a f***boy and etc by all the ladies who are with a cancer man or have been hurt by a cancer man, so i decided to put a closure on things between me and him and wanted to take him off this IM app we communicated on bc it was starting to weigh on me. and then i started to realize he was calling for my attention bc we use an app called wechat out here and you can put up posts like IG. the frequency of his posts increased since he went home for a bit and i wasn't giving him the attention i used to, where i would text him every 3 days or so asking how he's doing and till now it's been over a week since i reached out. i purposefully stopped liking his posts as well. and all the posts he put up are about his personal life, and he didn't post them on IG or twitter, where his family, friends back home are all on it especially he doesn't know that many people in this foreign country we both live in so posting all of that on this wechat app was odd. he even started to shadow the things i do where he never once puts up a single boomerang vid in any social media, but i did one and then he did one too the next day lol. so yesterday, he posted a 10 sec selfie video of him with this song in the background (which he had introduced me to when we were chilling in my home some time ago and he said "this is for you") and he ended the video with the most amazing smile. the lyrics of that song in the background was a dead giveaway. intuitively, i knew that was for me.

    what i'm trying to say is, i can understand that charisma your cancer man has and why you'll be confused the way he behaved. i'm a virgo woman myself so i always thought im overanalyzing things. now i know im not crazy lol. i don't know about him liking you bc it seems a tad early as you've only met once but the vibes are definitely there girl. but my advice is, keep doing what you do, i know it's difficult but try your best to not think into it too much. have TOOOONS of patience bc from what i observe about my cancer man and what people say about them, they seem to clam up very quickly if they feel you come in too strong or you confess your feelings too soon. especially after the first date. the cancer man i dealt with isn't a fan of being on the phone but he's fine with texting, so maybe you can drop a text and ask if he's cool to speak over the phone for a few minutes. do also be prepared with him clamming up every now and then bc he's always overwhelmed by emotions which he may be handling something with his family or work or whatsoever that might have absolutely nothing to do with you. and when that happens, don't get upset and try to make him jealous or even post photos of you and another guy even if that guy's your best friend or whatsoever (i learnt this the hard way and i wasn't even intentionally trying to make mine's jealous). bc you guys aren't official yet, he may think you're also going on dates with other guys.
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    oh and another thing, just bc cancer men don't say how they feel doesn't mean they don't at all. observe his actions, you can tell. smile
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