Can someone do a reading for me Basically to stay or put for a move assignment at work. They are some pos n negatives on both
Do you think the earth is flat? Do you think the moon is just a hologram? Do you think there is a second sun being hidden by NASA? Any other space conspiracies are welcome. Disclaimer: I am not suggesting I believe these conspiracies; I'm just curious.
In the beginning, there was a single entity. Throughout human history he has gone by many names. God, Marduk, Ra, Yahweh, Allah, Ahura Mazda, Zues, The Is, etc. Everything this being Thinks, becomes Reality because he IS Reality itself. Reality is his fle
recently i’ve been experiencing this feeling where my heart sinks and i start feeling pressure. and this only happens when someone randomly comes to mind (1 person in particular). i can be doing anything and not thinking about the person and then BAM, i g
he was this supposedly brilliant man who invented so much but there are NO interviews of him (print or audio or screen)...few photographs of romantic relationships to speak of...he died very poor and lived most of his life in hotels (so he was s
Do you think he time traveled to give us technology? It might explain why he was never romantically involved with anyone....maybe he had a love interest in a different time period.
Hi guys, what are some of the ways to break or cut etheral cords or cords of attachment to someone?
Because I get really sleepy when I try to mediate. I feel like maybe I'm doing it wrong...?
I was listening to coast to coast radio a couple hours ago and they were having this discussion on lucid dreaming and this came up into the conversation. Personally, It makes sense to me because you can concentrate energy and since we as beings are mad
I recently sat down with my Libra’s step mom in regards to our relationship with her and my father in law and she mentioned that he had an aura reading done and was told he has one of the biggest energy fields they’ve ever seen and that this is what cause
My friend said that whenever I go to visit him at his apt., there is a black cat outside. He seemed kind of freaked out by this. Why would this black cat always come around when I am there?
Further questions pertaining the system are welcome, but as an introduction I'll briefly summarize that the readings I'm offering are not based on 'drawing' cards at random from the deck of 4 suits (seasons) and 13 cards (lunations) that constitute the 52
I know we have two lungs! But sometimes I might feel a pain in the back lung area (usually one side), sometimes I feel a tenderness or heaviness in the front lung area (both sides), before an upper respitory infection or the flu. Is there a reason wh
[IMG][/IMG] if we are responsible for what we do to other people and ourselves, is there a reason why we have consciences and doing good deeds and doing bad in this world? do you believe in hell and heaven when we

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I'm going to have to say Capricorn Im sorry but they're completely useless entities I'm always shocked ppl want to date them le alone spend a lifetime with them.
Why do some people cheat on some people and not on others? I just looked at a synastry with someone whose neptune squares my moon and my venus. Both point to him being unfaithful. But if his Neptune doesn't aspect with anything in someone else's chart
Whoever has this placement... How do you deal with heartbreak? I can't even get out of bed. That's part of how I've reacted to this current situation.
So let's discuss fifth house, I got nothing better to do right now... What's the sign on your fifth house cusp, tell me about it's ruler-- where it is located and aspects and planets in 5H Fifth house would show what we attract or how we behave whe
Do your exes/failed relationships represent some of your North Node energy? Like maybe you attract gemini mars and you've got your sag NN in the 3rd yet those relationships just don't seem to work out BUT you learn a lot from them, almost like they're
I am not about this sort of thing. When a dude suggests it, its a turn off. I mean long-term relationship is different. However, a good chunk of my friends do this. Isn't it pretty much a sign someone is just looking for a booty call? Or is it just fun
In Sacramento In his grandparents backyard He's had run in with the law But he was unarmed
So this Sep 14 born virgo guy and I are classmates and have been close friends since 6 months now. Our friendship has grown a lot recently. It's always me,my best friend(gemini,female) and him hangingout. My gemini best friend and he dont get along too w
June 16, 1994 Gem with a Virgo moon Supposedly he wrote that his motive was to watch the world burn.
Maybe it's just me but I think it funny. @Dolluxxe at the gym @WarAngel being all prepped and pretty @Whorpio out in the streets @Hyd
basically, i'm single and available right now because the supermodel/beauty queen disappeared. now i'm setting my eyes on this med student. she's pretty hot. i like her. the problem is, my gym buddies spilled my secrets over and this chick already k
So I heard about this guy that had slept with 40 woman and was due to get married. He had cheated on every one of them. He admitted to his fiancé about his serial infidelities (at least he was honest) Anyway he starts to accuse his gf of "looking at ot
Just give me what I want and we can work the friendship in! XD
While he's away for a 4 day stag party.... I feel odd bugging him haha considering we just chat and have hung out a couple times. Why on earth would he want a girl to text or call while he's up to boy shenanigans?! Virgo men are odd creatures lol.
What are you like when dating someone ! Are you all or nothing kind of person? Do you like to lead?
I have been dating a Sagittarius born December 21, 1992 for two years now. We were really close and even lived together in Sweden. However, I had to move back to the USA and long distance became really complicated because he was focusing way too much on h
I'm in a thing with my ex-colleague Libra. We live in 2 different continents all together. I have always taken things with him casually, and was never really sure if whatever he said about his feelings for me was true. However, I have lately started t
Guys, I always always consider this when I am dating. I always thought men need their alone time. I am wondering if it does help you relax and if so, how much alone time do you need? I am just curious as today my man said he feels like hes gonna get s
it's gonna take many parts to explain why they do that, but the main reason that you need to understand it's they are