There were 2 people on here (P-Angel and Impulsv) who've shared their past life hypnotherapy experience and have encouraged me to also get to know myself better this way. So I sought out a hypnotherapist who can guide me through mine. And thankfully I fou
Friend's, I have over the past year experienced many unfortunate events, from weather disasters, destroying my home and car, to breaking my very first bone in my leg, to last night, my car window being smashed in and my work laptop stolen while out at a
[b]The Truth Uncovered[/b] [b]This documentation contains the truth about what has taken place here and the true circumstances of my situation. The rest of the information that I previously provided you with just explains how I’ve felt, and what I’ve t
I'm thinking of trying it. Have you used it? Did you find it helpful? Any particular websites or books you'd like to suggest to help me learn more?
I have been asked to do some readings tomorrow night for some teenagers. This deck is lovely...insightful and gives good guidance and makes a nice change from the conventional tarot decks I would like to offer a few one card readings for anyone lookin
I adore this fish ~ such an amazing and beautiful woman She had breast cancer and survived it...her son married a woman that wont talk to her and now the son isn't talking to her and she isn't allowed to see her small grand daughter :( She is one of
For around 5 mins now [IMG][/IMG] something "present" near me.
I had an in-depth dream about my ex last night. I had been drinking with friends and he texted me to hang out in the dream. So somehow I ended up at his house. But it was different because he was trying really hard to charm me and love on me and I was jus
K. I have no idea if there's a board already for discussing Indigo Children/People...but whatevs, I'm making one. Anyone else interested in this stuff? Over the last year I've become hella fascinated with Indigos and reading up on it and whatnot. I ca
Currently I'm experiencing a psychosis.. Please help me feel less alone with this. Anything is welcome
[IMG][/IMG] For funsies. Ever seen one? I like to draw them. Let's see what your choice reveals about you right now. This is what I got. The one I couldn't stop staring
Just for funsies. My result tonight: [IMG][/IMG]
Especially if you are the divine feminine. It seems more and more like this whole concept enables codependency and accepting crapping treatment in the name of love. Maybe it's just the readings I've come in contact with, but all they ever talk about is th
I used to believe and feel I've become jaded. What do you guys think?
Couple of days ago, I got into a huge fight with the person who I believe is my TF. Haven't spoken to him since. Witho
Are they reborn in a similar situation to face the same obstacles again? (the same obstacles/situation which led to suicide in a previous life)
If you have your own deck, and need explanation with interpreting a 3 card spread I will help you. Use the internet or your own deck, I will not use my cards, must have your own cards. Ask a question about love, romance, friendship etc. Pull your own
Inspired by another thread... When soul leaves the body...does it care about all those things left behind like emotions when it was IN the body? Like when my father died when I was 12 - I had never seen him in my dreams. Well...maybe once and it
Like they recognize me too and know that I know what they really are. I've had this happen in work situations and it's the eeriest feeling. Anybody else experience this exchange of energy?
It's been months, and I'm so ready for the situation to be completely over. Does anyone know of a way I can let go or cut ties with someone? It's like it hurts lol... I guess I wasn't ready to cut the ties at first I had hope, but it's time to just LET IT
I decided to start this thread because there has been talks about Twin Flame connections. From my own experience I know
So today I lost faith in God. I still believe in his existence but I dont think he cares about us, what we do or say. I dont think he intervenes or answers prayers like religion teaches. To be honest I'm not sure what his purpose is since he does nothing
Do you think dreams are some other parallel world - maybe something that could have been happening in your life if you took a different avenue years ago?
Have you read articles that claim some think that aliens are utilizing the sun for their own use? Do you think aliens may have access to planets that could in turn affect people whose planets their sun signs rule? For instance, Leos, I noticed, went thr

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I'm making this topic because I just got through having one of many great evenings with my Libra roommate! We're different in so many ways, and yet I feel like we understand each other's strengths and weaknesses very well. Our personalities fit together l
what does it mean when a so man goes from trying to treetrunk u every time he sees u to wanting to be really good friends? And, I used to be really comfortable around my cap make friend but now when we get together, things feel awkward and brand new. However,
Perception, in tune, changeable from music alone, able to just become so uplifted. I am like this, and music is everything to me, it's not just aural pleasure, it hit's very deeply. And seemingly the faster, the hard, the better, this is why i post
Just saw the movie Control. It was so cancery, I can't even. I mean, it's a good movie, touching n stuff, but the whole story is just so tragically cancer it pissed me off. A spot on representation of a Cancer gone extreme. I'm kinda mad at myself for bei
Are better left as hobbies. Because if I were to allot them anymore time or head space, they'd loose their appeal. Is that just me?
I hung out withe Pisces yesterday. He got A Lot of incoming messages. He tried not to check his phone too frequently but still... =.=
this is one of my favorite quotes and i generally stick to it, so why can't i stick to it when it comes to this Leo...
Triple-Aqua here! (Sun, Venus, Mars) Libra moon, Pisces Merc... This cabin fever is making me crazy. Feel free to ask me anything about my paradoxical kind. I'm happy to help and I'm sure my fellow Aquas-ladies will chime in! Open-book so noth
Ok I use a roc one.. I find it heavy ..after a while it makes my skin tired it feels like weighing my eyes down....and sleepy ..puffy? I don't know how to explain ..most eye creams do this to me... I thought it was meant to help eye tiredness
I debated about posting this but I actually think it's funny. I'm finding it so hard to get over him. Sure I'm living my own life and not talking to him. Today though he said hi to me in passing and I've been walking around with a smile on my face ever si
In my experience all the Scorpios I know prefer woman with long hair. Why? Is it more feminine? Is because you can wrap your hand around it as you spank her on the ass while taking her from behind?
Any Leo Suns Cap Mooners? No..? What about Virgo Merc..? Cancer Mars...? Yeah,I figured. Your all too busy working to be on a forum...😑 Well, if you take a break (if you exist) let me pick your brain. K bye.
And what do you eat in a day? Do you monitor what you eat, or eat whatever you feel like? Do you even feel the need to eat much? Or is it all you ever think of? Are you overweight, healthy, or skin and bone? I'm just curious. I sometimes wonder i
There are so much shade over There too lol. 😂😂😂😂
Your co worker lives with you, then you move out and agree to buy new blinds for her. You both agree after you fix your car it will get done. Problem is your car eats up all your paycheck and you end up broke, instead of asking you what is going on you