• Tell me about your successful manifesting stories.

    I've been going hard with manifesting and its changing my life. What are some things you've manifested?! What's your process. I'm very interested in hearing how other people have created their current situations.
  • Manifesting is real. Shocked.

    So, a lot of you know i've been going hard on getting in alignment and manifesting. Real hard. About a month ago I wrote out 2 things I wanted to happen. Spoke them into existence all day for about 5 days. Then I let it be... just kind of said "Okay, i
  • Reality

    Alex Jones Reacts To Coffe Shop Poop Thrower:
  • I bought a pendulum and its freaking me out!!!!

    haha. Okay, so im a skeptic on all levels. Although im constantly doing some crazy hippie energy work. Like constantly, so I should just give in already, and have full belief. I'm going on like my whole life doing this stuff, but never giving fully in.
  • Tarot reading... Has anyone ever had one done?

    I’ve been watching a crap load of tarot readings on YouTube & I’m intrigued to get one done but I’m terrified 😂... I hear my mom telling me “don’t let anyone read the tarot cards to you it’s evil” I say, “damn you mom I want a reading! Get the hell out of
  • Fate, free will or a combination of both?

    What do you think? I would say a combination of both.
  • Astrology and Ego

    I thought that crossed my mind and I have been kicking around in my head recently. I wanted input from other perspectives. I firmly believe your astrology chart is basically a energy map. Like molecular chains in a chemical compound. Which is why som
  • Friends, if you really Love me ❤️

    Help me to manifest my perfect/ideal man
  • Get out of the hamster wheel

    Impulsv I noticed a lot of people self destruct out of guilt and regret If only we would just let it go n forgive ourselves If we understood we all played our part. Anyway wanted your thoughts on this video
  • Twin Flame - am I experiencing it?

    Howdy ya'll, I will make my story short and want to get some opinion from more experienced users of this forum. I've met a woman last year and we had an instant connection while talking on the dating site and after we switched to texting directly.
  • I’m so freaking pessed!!

    So over the weekend in Sydney the trains aren’t working and it’s a nearly 2 hour drive for me on bus to get to the city when it would take nearly half an hour by train! My room mate comes home and says do you need a lift buddy? My girlfriend will be he
  • Are there any space conspiracies you believe?

    Do you think the earth is flat? Do you think the moon is just a hologram? Do you think there is a second sun being hidden by NASA? Any other space conspiracies are welcome. Disclaimer: I am not suggesting I believe these conspiracies; I'm just curious.
  • Energy frequency

    Hi, I have heard about feeling someone's present if your energy frequency is at the same level. Do you think this is true?
  • TAROT card readinb

    Can someone do a reading for me Basically to stay or put for a move assignment at work. They are some pos n negatives on both
  • The True Legend

    In the beginning, there was a single entity. Throughout human history he has gone by many names. God, Marduk, Ra, Yahweh, Allah, Ahura Mazda, Zues, The Is, etc. Everything this being Thinks, becomes Reality because he IS Reality itself. Reality is his fle
  • can you feel when someone is thinking of you?

    recently i’ve been experiencing this feeling where my heart sinks and i start feeling pressure. and this only happens when someone randomly comes to mind (1 person in particular). i can be doing anything and not thinking about the person and then BAM, i g
  • Did Nikola Tesla Exist?

    he was this supposedly brilliant man who invented so much but there are NO interviews of him (print or audio or screen)...few photographs of romantic relationships to speak of...he died very poor and lived most of his life in hotels (so he was s
  • What do you make of Nikola Tesla?

    Do you think he time traveled to give us technology? It might explain why he was never romantically involved with anyone....maybe he had a love interest in a different time period.
  • Does the law of attraction work......

    in terms of finding a mate? new friends?
  • Cut etheral cords or cords of attachment

    Hi guys, what are some of the ways to break or cut etheral cords or cords of attachment to someone?
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  • He spend more time with his mother than he does with me

    My boyfriend spends more time with his mother than me.He drives her to work during the week, and then weekends he has to drive her to funerals , parties, or he have to go paint her house or go buy groceries for her. It's really depressing since this ma
  • where does the blame lie?

    if someone recruited you to do something that let's say is semi-illegal but definitely victimless but no one knows you're involved in this except the person who got you in and you agreed to it and went through with it (for the money and thrill of it)
  • Update on crazy Gemini relationship

    She recently went quiet on me for a day and when we did speak she told me we were too toxic for each other, and that in time I will see what she sees and agree we shouldn’t be together. She told me she’s never been hurt like this and spent all night cryin
  • Libra trying to be good lol

    Oh my second date. We got to know each other more & had a great time again! He put me in my car again so we’d be good. It’s so hard! We both talked about why & we want to wait. We want this to go farther & sometimes screws things up :) we planned date 3
  • S#itty Relationship Advice

    Post your $#itty relationship advice here, pleeeeease.
  • Age difference

    Between people in romantic relationships... What's the max you would go? Younger or older? And why?
  • What does your neighborhood look like?

    Irish village suburban ...lots of apartments ...stone houses ..parks ..lots of parks. Lots of green.
  • Post your Walter D. Pullen's chart ⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Would a Pisces Moon cancel out a Libra Sun?

    Libras (in this case a libra woman) are usually known as flirtatious and social butterflies to an extent. Would a Pisces Moon cancel out this aspect of the sun (and further more would a Sagittarius Mars or Leo Venus have any impact on this)? I'm just tryi
  • Aqua woman question

    I’ve been seeing this aqua for the past 4 months. We basically spend every day together to the point where we practically live together. She is rarely if ever at her own apartment. Her lease is up and she’s thinking about renewing but we’ve been ha
  • American Idol

    I'm a fan of Maddie Poppie and Catie Turner. I like Katie Perry as a judge too. :)
  • What it takes for a Virgo to be pushed too far ... agree or disagree my virgo's ?

    I am very patient tolerant and always have a solution for everything, i'm the ultimate optimist but once pushed too far i can become ruthless, careless i always try to avoid this side of me to come out because i do not want to be selfish or ignorant. The
  • Bubbly or Grumpy?

    So earlier at work, since i just got off I had a conversation with two co-workers but in a different department. They told me that no one liked one of the managers at work, because she's pretty much cheery and smiley. Which I cant even comprehend with
  • Happy Birthday @Senorita_LLP2 !

    Today happens to be Fyza's birthday! ❤️ I hope you enjoyed your day today and you will always be 16 years old in my eyes. *No car and no pony for sweet 16, shipping is expensive! 😛