Do you believe in someone being able to send or receive metaphysical energies to/from other people or impending event regardless of distance? And it will come off as premonitions as they turn out to manifest themselves in *near future*. Do you know a
I know how this sounds but before you go there, a mirror sees all. I was given a wall mirror recently and it held vibes. Whose to say what that mirror saw before it came into my home? I threw it in the dumpster.
How do I get my spirit guide to talk to me? Tell me my future Serious question
I'm fairly (like 97 percent) sure that there's a topic or two about this already but I've been getting into crystals lately. I haven't bought any yet because some financial ish...but I plan to start building a collection. I've alway been into rocks, gems,
What if places pop into your head instead of people?? Places you were years ago. A yard, a bench, a house, a room...sometimes only a thing I have seen before. (a table or something minor) Every time just for a moment. Then it goes away just as quickly. Anyone experience it n how do u get there?
Metaphysical relationships are often guided by the need to find a person to share one's journey into awareness. The down side is, most people who study metaphysics are healing issues, still have ego and emotional problems and are not often capable of sust
Hello everyone! I'm offering readings to all who would like. Please PM if it makes you feel more comfortable. I will get back to you as soon as I can Angel tarot readings Ascended masters reading dream interpretation Angel numerology reading
If anyone would like one, either ask a question or i can pull one just for guidance. I will do as many as possible between now and Valentine's Day :) *~x~*
I notice some astrologers who have active astrology forums don't mention their sun and moon it's a secret. I heard that Linda Goodman site has a Capricorn owner, but he/she is an astrologer? or just having fun? my fave astrologers,
Last night I almost left my body... While seperating though I hear my little brother tell me to "please stay". I didnt want to leave him behind so I stayed. Coming back I realize and remember my little brother is thousands of miles away.
Hey guys. How is everyone doing? I always wondered what your twin flame feels when you are experiencing intense feelings.. If I am experiencing extreme sadness and loss of interest, is my twin flame content and focused? When I am feeling positive
Lot of interesting things on this site.
Do you get anxiety from your intuition. Like for example your thought or the cycle hasn't been completed yet, you know there's more to come but you can't foresee exactly what or when and it bothers you. It's energy felt at the back of the head. An itch t
any jews here? i'm interested in learning about kabbalah. can anyone recommend a good book/reference/article? is kabbalah common in jewish circles or considered forribben/taboo?
Last night I dreamt I was crying because I tried convincing my family to bury my grandpa in the backyard. In the dream, I didnt quite understand why people were against it. Then two men were dragging my grandpa's dead body somewhere and he suddenly lo
I went to see a psychic today. I went in as a skeptic believer....if that makes sense. She didn't know anything about me besides my first name when I arrived and I was careful not to ramble too much so I didn't give cues. About 70% was spot on And t
I keep seeing black and white cats. I have seen two in one week in different towns. Both passed me on my left side. I know black cats have some kind of symbolism, but do black and white cats?
Just wanted to share this with someone as I had a pretty emotional morning with a client of mine and also discovered what I was in my most previous life. I have a client who is psychic and a very good one at that. He doesn't advertise or do it for a livin
:D for fun...if you want one, give me a shout :)
I just came across an article about using the law of attraction to manifest an ex back. Some of the suggestions included letting go of negative emotions and thinking positive thoughts all day (great!) And writing yourself romantic letters and emails pret
I have been using this deck for a while and have found they are good at giving guidance. One of my clients pulled the same card three times and was able to go on and face some issues she had. The card was *Mother issues* I will do one card readings fo
Do you use crystals or have experience with them? Which crystals would you use to increase psychic ability? I'm using purple amethyst but wonder what else might be beneficial.

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Hello fellow fish!!❤ Lately ive been finding myself getting rid of people as i like to call it Won't return texts, deleting individuals from social media, and not very interested in being friends with people either I cant even figure out what kind o
I was wondering if fellow cancers have strong friendships with Sags as well, or Sagittarians with cancers. I realized that more than two thirds of my close friends are Sagittarians and they keep adding to the circle. I'm not sure if I can call that sheer
Hi Piscesans As many of you know I was talking to a Libra but he is starting to piss me off to the 1000th degree. And you know us Pisces. When you are indifferent, you just indifferent. So with the Libra man, I feel like he is acting his player ways.
Which one looks best from the link? This one seems closest to me. Lab is still a road trip away so I will have to schedule it. Also I suppose if I get the maternal then I have to get the paternal too.
I've been attracting a load of Scorpios lately lol. I tip my cap out to them for having what it takes to go to a fire a sign, Pisces and Cancer are usually the shy ones, scorps aren't. But after the last Scorpio I think I might need to stay low for a
Is there any truth to this or is it just coincidence? [img][/img]
people only understand when they are in the right mood to, but they are never in the right mood when you need them to be understanding.
I have a few different ways i have fun and was really wondering about the other signs and what is fun for them?
I know a person who is VERY opinionated, but always says "you" instead of "I", as if everyone thinks like she does. She almost never never ever says "I think/feel/believe so and so", she always says "you". Why do you think that is?
This crazy woman is being so dramatic. I HATE Bill O'Reilly, he is such an marker and so gross, and I don't know if he did anything worst with other women as I have not kept up with the story... But is this woman really claiming she got sexually haras