Strange or what...?!? We celebrated the 4 of us out for dinner :) Felt kind of silly mentioning our 1 year since meeting against their 34th of marriage. lol!
found this extensive list of psychic/intuitive indicators based on chart aspects i have a number of aspects listed but a few are: mercury conjunct uranus venus conjunct neptune neptune s
Lada astrology and this lady got together to talk about indicators of psychic abilities. this gal is great. She's from Jamaica, so she's used to understanding about "spirits" and it's more open there it seems. she's a psychic medium and living in Eu
...through journaling. I've always enjoyed writing my thoughts down. Not necessarily like, in a diary but I enjoy thinking and I enjoy putting my thoughts to paper and then expanding on them. Lately I've been feeling the urge to work on myself, and pa
does this ring true for you? :) 1. An introverted person can function better when working alone, than when working in a team. It’s not abou
How does it feel? Did you have a break down? Did you get a "calling"? Did you write something down??
In this moment looking back at your life would you be ok with it? Or What would u change I think I'm good ,had a good life , no children to worry about. Ect Want to see more Experience more but other than that if it's time to go I'm good.
Do you believe in it? Also state your: •Simple religious belief (atheist, Christian, Muslim, etc.) •Simple political belief (conservative or liberal) •MBTI type •Your Jupiter planet + aspects Just for research purposes, so let's keep it neutral
Yo, there's been so many threads for quotes before this one but F it. I'm starting another one and I'm sticking it in here because to me quotes help your mental health and that, to me, is metaphysical - I don't care if that's not actually what it is lol..
I heard that they are able to access something similar to our "internet" to look up things for their clients. Is that true? Any psychics on here that can attest it? Or anyone on here knows the answer? :-S Thanks in advance!
I've been through about every single one of these on youtube. I started three years ago and have since done with & without videos with wildly varying experiences. Posted below are the best ones, please share your experiences with them, or with whatever
Religious, numerology, mathematical code ?
Unconsciously? I always 'thought' soul mates recognize each other on a spiritual level, so they would only help and support each other even without being aware? Do they hurt each other unintentionally? Is there such a lesson or agreement made betwee
like, i wanna hear some stories coz what just happened is creepy and i am like... ohhh mmmyyy gooooddd.. please just let me be.....i am doing sooo well day two without you... so just stay awayyyyyy lol T_T
I have just been informed by the universe that it will begin to torture and disfigure the sensory of every living creature on this planet when it releases from my body after I pass away. The universe has informed me that it will be unable to resume life o
[b]The Truth Uncovered[/b] [b]This documentation contains the truth about what has taken place here and the true circumstances of my situation. The rest of the information that I previously provided you with just explains how I’ve felt, and what I’ve t
I don't know what else to call it. I posted on here a couple of days ago that I kept having this weird feeling I was going yo bump into him. At Costco or something. The feeling keeps getting stronger. I've had these "Visions" in my head of running into hi
That it does not exist. Believe it or not it is just a good excuse to hold you back and make you feel comfortable with your own mistakes. There is no other self. Leave your obsessions behind. Lose your illusions, please. Real life is about simp

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Anyone else's FB feed littered with this nonsense? Literally every chick who's had a guy ask her out with a cheesy pick-up line has by definition been "sexually harassed". XD The validation/attention hoaring is real with this one. https://c
Say you're dating and her sign is compatible. Are you encouraged by this or doesn't affect you. Say her sign is incompatible. Do you keep dating or forget about it? In my experience, I managed to have long-lasting relationship with only one sign. Not
Hi y'all! I'm meeting the sag I have been chatting with for almost a month tomorrow. He came in the country where I am today. He didnt come for me hahaha coincidence that he has a business and pleasure trip here. And how we met was through an online app w
I wanna make a million DXP points I want to live out by the sea A Fixed sign wife and some children And.... I guess I want a family... So I'll answer any question on your mind. Reading horary charts. If you don't know what horary is, no worries, i
Because of all the things that are happening in the world, we need to talk about what really matters ❤
I haven't written an actual topic in a while. Suicide is one of those topics that can be difficult (sometimes impossible) to discuss. I myself have never been suicidal, but I've known those who have been, some of whom unfortunately have taken their lives
Which one is harder? Moving on? Starting over? Letting go? Response + sun & moon & mars Moving on - Gemini & cancer & pisces
And why is there an option to 'purchase' them? What the devil is this duncan?? Is dxp becoming candy crush now?
What are your experiences with Scorpio moons? Just made a Scorpio moon friend and never expected to connect that well with a Scorpio mooner. Really genuine, caring and sweet. He is the type that will go to Africa to volunteer and help others. Which he
So i posted in the virgo section but no one cares so maybe my fellow leo's could give me your opinion and input. Long story short on two separate occasions i've caught my boyfriend trying to message a girl on snapchat, it wasn't super inappropriate but
So as I have posted here a couple of days ago, hes been pretty cold and distant. Today I decided to call him out on his bs. I sent him a text and he responded that we are ok and he is sorry just that he is so busy. The way I felt is that its a half-assed
First of all, it's not what you think it is. I'm a 25 year old virgin female. After thinking for about 12 years of my life, I feel like I'm finally ready to lose my virginity. The thing is when searching for men to lose my virginity to, I felt the best ap
So I'm an Aqua female who met an Aqua guy. Sparks are flying like crazy... we are already in a committed relationship and digging into each other lives out of excitement and new shiny things of course. Now we setting some goals because we are of course go
I know this would never happen cause the members are always changing but wouldn't it be cool if we could have a directory Like: If your looking for intellectual conversation see...lady Neptune, hare, Enochthewise, alien, roybn, ixi, ellesbelles,
What would you say is the most versatile food? There's no right or wrong answer here. What food goes a really REALLY long way? There are a lot of obvious answers here, so I'm going to go with tomatoes. Tomatoes are incorporated into lot of dishes inclu
As a Pisces woman myself I would like to think I am, I am very guarded I do not like people to really get to know me so easily. Anyone else?
I am a Librian and met this Scorpio guy on an online dating site. We have chatted for over a month now and then finally we decided to meet up. I would not initiate a conversation. He was the one who would text each day and then we would chat up. If he was
I'm a Taurus just curious if I'm the only Taurus the feels like after a relationship is done it only takes like 2-6 business days to be over it haha is that normal..