Death: To Die Young or Old

By bmoon8November 23, 2021 9:43pm — 53 replies
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on the afterlife so i have just finished a binge of the good place an excellent comedy philosophical fiction fantasy ---er show that explores philosophical questions like what happens after humans die is there such a thing as eternity
Is Murphie`s Law real?
i guess its a universal law that if you fall on hard times or if people leave it s never just one person or one struck of fate it s many at the same time all of the sudden several roommates and several collegues i like are leaving is it just me or i
So I'm trying to spice up my Halloween.....
i bought a ouija board off of amazon i know i know bad luck and inviting demons and all that but damnit ive heard the hype and i want to try for myself but first i would like any first hand experiences anyone ever come into contact with a demon been p
Questionable Circumstances and Strange Dreams...
a close friend of mine asked me to post this for some answers because hes been going through some strange occurrences over the past several months and recently began to think someone has put voodoo on him or cast a spell of some sort hes had 2 near de
DMT/Ayahuasca/Shrooms Experiences...?
hey all was chatting with a group of friends not too long ago - and the topic of trying dmt ayacuasca shrooms came up long story short - i am overly curious about all of this would love to hear about any experiences info anyone has tried any or all
Which ethnicity is the Corniest?
im going to go with indian ive never met an indian who i thought looked cool amp the language also sounds like shit food spiced is good though
Freeze spell
for anyone who needs it https youtu be y5gi2gnelu8 i know i need it
ive recently started getting into pendulums well one in particular it kept calling to me it is made out of rose quartz one of my fav crystals and i got it from work you hear people talk about crystals calling to them and thats usually how i pick
Let me see what you all are working with!
post your results here please im trying to get into your psyche d https www suzannewhite com new-astrology when hoe is life and im wasting my years on just one sagittarius - snake https www suzannewhite com images icons western-astrology we
Kindred spirits
how many have you had i personally feel like i ve had 2 my taurus bff and a former scorpio fwb though my taurus bff may be more of a soul mate than a kindred spirit idk i just know we have an intense connection follow up question is a connection