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By SnowBunny726March 24, 2021 7:25pm — 36 replies
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My biggest fear in life is to become a widow someday
Sometimes I wonder how I will feel if I lost my life partner/companion. I feel sad and want to cry even thinking about it 😭 Can you imagine being with someone for 20 or 40 years and suddenly not having that person with you anymore? I can’t believe the pa
Dad Jokes
I need a Dad Joke for a department meeting.. give me your best?
Dxp Anonymous
Post/Ask Dxpers anything anonymously at The best one will be posted/forwarded into this thread
Why do Virgo women seem to be into Leo men?
I'm a Leo man, and some of the spiciest relationships I've ever had were with Virgo women. In spite of me being very different. She would just be in awe with me alot of the time and I don't even have to do much. The sexual energy is also always strong and
What kind of fucking times do we live in
when a 22 year old has to apologize for reading classic litterature and liking it? Are you for fucking real?
Megan markle
This is why she is distrusted unliked Spoiler alert! In the interview she made statements come to find out half truths This si way different then what it was made out to be. There is a process and rules but appearantly those don’t apply to her or else a
Gemini Men 😍
Why are gemini Men so intriguing, I meant sexy no but for real I'm a cancer he's a gemini we both know it will never work but we still get together and play house sometime. I just want to know why is he so addicting to me and has anyone else experienced s
I have such a question. It's been on my mind since it happened again twice today.
I notice when im walking past couples, most of the time, they actively start showing pda or start to holding hands kissing. I mostly mind my business and not checking for anybody. So i thought it was strange after it happened like a dozen other times. Why
What do you do when you're bored? Currently bored thinking about going for a hike...I guess this is what I do when I'm bored. State Sun, Venus, and moon for astrology lol