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By sweetheartsFebruary 2, 2021 9:53pm — 15 replies

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Yoga Astrology Videos
hi everyone im a yoga teacher of 20 years and recently started making free yoga-astrology videos for new and full moons i show the chart and highlight a few aspects then practice yoga poses which express the energies of those aspects my latest vid
Ladies your standards for a man
so ever since my last two exs libra is not really an ex but situationship i guess i think i have super low standards and expectations from men i just wanna check myself what kinna things are to be expected and a simple thank you or a smile is enough
What the Treetrunk happened to this place?
i was gone one two three four five six thousand years and dxp turned on its head where da fudging forums at man
Full moon crazy
anyone else feeling a lil crazy with the full moon just me
who all just shit their pants no need to be embarrassed about it this is a support thread if we rally enough pants shitting victims we can get sponsorship from pampers
How the signs age
inspired by my comment asking how cancer men age i think they age either avg or not well for example will ferrell - 53 didnt age well at all https i2 wp com nypost com wp-content uploads sites 2 2020 01 oscars-2020-presenters-oscar-kristen-w
Does Virgos plays mind games in order to make someone fall in love with them?
so this virgo guy in my life shown me unbearable love and affection and when i was seeking unbearable love from him too he cutted off ties with me i dont know what happened he suddenly disappeared from my life and not coming back still should i wait
the truth shall set you free so why don t we adhere to the truth when it s told to us why do we fight it and make up excuses for others behaviour deep down i think we all know the truth and sometimes when spoken out loud it hurts and makes us become d
Think deeply with me
what you think you want is it what you truly want or is it something you were subconsciously preset to want by society once you attain it will that emptiness inside go away what do you think will really make that emptiness inside go away
Geminis bringing in 2021
what did the eclipse do to y all miya ponsetto donald trump kanye west