Can y’all sing? Hold a tone? 🎤🎶 Karaoke ? ⭐️

By EmhendoNovember 20, 2021 9:30pm — 42 replies
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How Each Zodiac Sign Moves
i am currently in the process of moving and thought it would be fun to say how each zodiac sign moves aries- throws things in random boxes and will sort it out later taurus- worries more about the little stuff than the big stuff has it all planned
Soft White Underbelly on youtube
https www youtube com channel uccvcd0fyi58lwytqp9litpa is anyone watching these i really like hearing all these stories
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opinions please https lovebylife com hailey-custer-a-28-year-old-from-arizona-says-the-babys-father-helped-her-give-birth-to-her-best-friend-not-knowing-her-six-year-old-husband btw if anyone can find out their star signs that would be great
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even the assholes here i ain t running away like i ran off errr fuck was his name oc mack or whatever and he had another name the izer or nator or someshit had that poop mark on his face then dazed i like to call him crazed i ran him of
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if you dare to share what have been one of the most embarrassing moments you ve experienced i will share 2 1 i was at the mall with my dad and brother eating pizza at the food court then while i was drinking soda my brother started singing a song
When do you predict we’ll be able to take off our masks? 😷
so i ve seen a little progress here and there with covid they re getting more strict about the vaccines and now also children are getting vaccinated it still doesn t mean we re back to normal but when do you predict we ll be able to take our masks off
Psychics approaching you.
so i m in vegas last night having a full-on conversation with someone about our kids and some issues etc and this woman walks up to us amp says we both have such strong auras and i have 2 angels watching over me and something about my friend related to
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