Confused about this Virgo man?

By Candy_girlJune 23, 2021 8:34pm — 166 replies
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The power of visualization and the right mindset
are you using it ive noticed that almost all successful people mention that in their interviews and i find it interesting of course things will not magically happen by themselves but there is something to it cosmic forces are going in our favor lo
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what is some personality trait that might be seen as huge turn off or red flags for others but can be easily overlooked by you state your sun moon
Why do we meet certain people?
have you ever made a connection you didnt think too much about and it changed your life or you were left with a memorable impact could be a person a new place to live a job good or bad i dont like the word fate because it implies we have no con
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maybe id get another condo and rent it out make more money off of it
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which one are you in your home i have just finished a book about a woman who was such a hoarder every room in her home was covered in things even the corridors and bathrooms she collected newspapers which reached the ceiling the character was a cance
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https thumbs gfycat com rashyearlyatlanticridleyturtle-size restricted gif
Young guys
why do you want to sleep with your mumma ffs and i need advice on how i handle this i have zero interest in anyone that is more than 10 years younger than me as i get older i feel i don t have any more time to be playing around i ve had my fun and n
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as in you were so curious to know about them that you sought advice from an astrology forum did you find your answers and what was their sign
Milhouse's Parents
disclaimer the following post is anecdotal and based off of my personal observations im currently working and im not going to actually research this rn also i should probably add this is mainly for straight couples however im sure this phenomeno
What happened to the pick up artists?
i read the book the game back in the early 2000s as it was a bestseller and saw a program called the pick up artist and films like swingers how come they dont get mentioned anymore i dont think sexism or feminism is a factor was it to push people ont