Don't want a friend near my husband

By SassyKiwiJuly 11, 2021 6:29pm — 89 replies
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How would you describe yourself physically? How do you look?
you can describe yourself if you want but it s ok if you don t want to this is me body type average not too skinny and not too fat height 5 4 eye color hazel skin type pale skin tattoos or piercings none hair color brunette with blond
Men can tinkle for much longer than women
inspired but the recent trend of threads discussing men women and the grievances that have been generated by eons of societal circumstance i submit thay men can pee tinkle urinate for much longer than women maybe not as kids but as we each become m
what do you think about the general tenants of science science method vs the principles of philosophy how why and what if vs spirituality religion or beliefs in universal energies similar thinking different thinking slip into each other
Yay or Nay
professional surfer takes his 7 year old kid surfing with him the kids not wearing a life jacket
I want to date a rich woman just once
men how does this make you feel curious aroused disgusted jealous dont care asking for research women does this get your panties twisted so much that you want to spew word vomit all over the thread threatened intimidated worried maybe all
I want to date a rich guy just once
i just want the experience if it doesn t lead anywhere fine wit me and i have my own money too but i just thinkin how different it would be to date a man of means like a man who only filters high to low instead of low to high
If you could live in any other location, which one would it be?
i think i would pick japan there are so many places there to see https i pinimg com 474x 82 ea 30 82ea30edfb12e568659068b51c6326f0 jpg
Restaurants, Cafes and Bars
are they open for indoor dining in your country the irish government are delaying apparently until august can you state which country state you live in thanks
Shower vs Bath
what do you prefer and why for me shower all day more practical way quicker always running fresh water and not sitting in your filth ok jacuzzi with filters back massagers and all that but just a tub with no filters yuck plus i also prefer h