DXP Mafia 17: Gotham City

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gs0mbeOYEpY @Scruffles @UnusualVaginalDischarge @Shadowcat @cvurko @feby @justagirl @starwars @Tiziani @SakuraFlowers @No @ParisianCappy @DivaCanLeo @SassyKiwi @Ram416 @NotSoInstant @Virgorean @AdmiraI
Only nice person on DXP

@Scruffles -Robin [DECEASED]
@UnusualVaginalDischarge -The Riddler [DECEASED]
@Shadowcat -Black Mask [DECEASED]
@justagirl -Gunsmith [DECEASED]
@starwars -Two Face [DECEASED]
@Tiziani -Red Hood [DECEASED]
@SakuraFlowers -The Joker [DECEASED]
@No -The Penguin[DECEASED]
@ParisianCappy -The Jailer [DECEASED]
@SassyKiwi -Mr Freeze [DECEASED]
@Virgorean -The Cop [DECEASED]
@AdmiraI -Townie [DECEASED]
@Fknnerd -Docter/Harley Quinn [DECEASED]
@Soul -Town Slut [DECEASED]
@HarleyTwinFlame -Suicide Sammy [DECEASED]


1. Each night the people with night roles will choose someone to visit and use their powers on. In the morning if someone died at the result of the nights then it is told on the thread. Then the folks with DAY ROLES can visit someone.

Then each night by 11:00 PM EST every player must vote for someone to lynch. The person with the most votes is lynched. If there is a tie in votes I will use a randomizer to choose a person between the tied people.

2. If you dont vote two times in a row in the day lynchings, the third time your vote will not be counted. If you do not vote the day after you have not voted 3 times in a row you will die.

If you are not participating much I will have Bri take your place.

3. NO PM WHETHER REAL OR FAKE is to be posted on the boards itself. If you post a PM on the board you will be kicked out of the game and BANNED from any future game I host.

4. This game is to use your persuading and your specific individual powers!

so keep the private screenshots from going on in PM. I will be PMing all townie roles to the villains as well so that if you are getting a PM of a screen shot of a persons role to try and prove themselves, know that it could be a mafia member with those PMs. So DO NOT TRUST pm screen shots as they may just be from the mafia themselves.

I will also be having a few of the villains acting like roles from the townies to PM me those role duties during the night. So once again DO NOT TRUST screen shots from people in this game because some of the mafia will have screen shots that make them look like they have a townie role when they will in fact be mafia.

5. If you delete your account you will technically still be in the game until voted out (or until you dont vote 4 days in a row) and if mafia can still be used and detected by roles. Also if you do delete your account you will go on my tyrant banning list as well.

6. Because of my work schedule the DAY PLAY will probably always start around different times so I will try and specify the night before.

Only nice person on DXP
I sent everyone multiple PMs

if you are confused or if you have any questions PLEASE PM them to me


GUNS in play: You DO NOT have to shoot a gun you receive if you wish not to

VESTS in play: A vest will save the person who has it from a gun shot, stab wound, or a night attack by the mafia (but WILL NOT save the person from The Joker or Mr Freeze or a bomb)
**if a person receives more than 1 gun or 1 vest they must choose which of the two they want to use (one could be fake)
Only nice person on DXP

-Cannot be killed the first time attacked at night. If saved that night by other means then he will not be killed on second time attacked.
-Also Starts game with bulletproof vest so cannot be killed when shot for the first time. Keeps the vest on until shot at once.
-CAN be killed if lynched
-if given another vest before original vest is gone then the new vest is null and void
-VISITS someone every night like the cop to find out if guilty or innocent…Also tracks the same person he visited to see where they went that night
-Batman SHOWS UP GUILTY on the cops report unless tampered with
-KNOWS who Robin is and vice versa
-IF he/she admits/states in public on the thread that they are Batman then Batman loses all of his powers he has left and becomes an ordinary citizen and the powers are passed onto Robin**

- Cannot be killed the first time attacked at night. If saved that night by other means then he will not be killed on second night attack.
-CAN be killed if lynched or shot
-VISITS someone every night. If that person is a villain he stops their role for that night. (CAN stop The Joker from killing. CANNOT stop the mafia from killing unless only 1 is left)
-CANNOT pick same person 2 nights in a row
-Knows who Batman is and vice versa**
-If Batman comes out in public as Batman or dies then ALL OF Batmans powers become his
- IF he/she admits in public on the thread that they are Robin then he/she loses all powers and becomes an ordinary citizen with no possibility of taking over for Batman either.
-Shows up INNOCENT on cop reports unless taken over Batmans powers then will show up GUILTY

-James Gordon is the cop and visits someone every night to see if they are guilty or innocent.

-Sleeps with someone every night
-If visiting a mafia member then whoever they target to kill will not die
-If visiting The Joker however, whoever The Joker targets will STILL die
-Cannot sleep with same person 2 nights in a row

-Gives someone a gun every night to last for the next 24 hours
-CAN give gun to self
-CANNOT give the gun to the same person 2 days in a row
[**Anyone who uses a gun must PM when they want to use it during the day]
-CANNOT be killed the first night*

-Gives someone a bulletproof vest every night to last for the next 24 hours. Protects from a bullet wound or from a mafia kill (not from laughing gas or a mr freeze kill)
-CAN give vest to self
-CANNOT give vest to same person 2 nights in a row

-Picks someone every DAY to throw them in Arkham Asylum. That person cannot vote but also cannot be voted out.
-That night the person chosen cannot accomplish their role
-Cannot pick the same person two days in a row

-Was once a sidekick of Batmans but now is not fond of him.
-Starts the game with a gun and can keep the gun multiple days, but can only use it ONCE
-Shows up on Cop reports and Batman reports as GUILTY unless tampered with
-Is immune to Count Vertigo
-If Batman Visits him at night and Batman still has his original vest (or is given a gun or vest that same night), Red Hood steals it and now owns it

9. DOCTOR Harleen Quinzel
-Visits someone every night and if they are targeted to be killed she will save them from being killed
-Shows up INNOCENT to cop but GUILTY to batman
-If visited by The Joker will not be killed but instead turns into HARLEY QUINN…if she visits The Joker to save will save him, but will also turn into HARLEY QUINN
-Once turned into HARLEY QUINN, the person she visits every night will be murdered by her (unless they have a vest). The player WILL NOT KNOW she is now the insane Harley Quinn but may realize when her patients start dying.

-Sammy lives in constant fear that the villains are going to take over the city and it drives him crazy.
ONE time during the game Sammy can attack a person he/she thinks is a villain and blow them up with a a bomb. (A vest cannot protect this person. Nobody is protected from the bomb)
-If someone shoots Sammy with the gun, Sammys bomb blows up and kills the shooter as well (even if Sammy has a vest)
-Sammy WILL die if attacked at night however.
-Shows up GUILTY to the cop but INNOCENT to batman
-If visited by The Riddler or Count Vertigo his bomb will kill himself if used the next day

11. Regular Townie #1
-Just an ordinary citizen trying to survive the chaos and maybe have one last night of passion as Armageddon burns behind them…but does not have any special powers

12. Regular Townie #2
-Just an ordinary citizen trying to survive the chaos and maybe have one last night of passion as Armageddon burns behind them…but does not have any special powers

Easiest way to win for Townies:
Only nice person on DXP

-The Leader of the Mafia. Gets the final say on kills if necessary
-Once a game can beat someone with umbrella and role block them that night
-Shows up INNOCENT on cop report
-Shows up INNOCENT to Batman (or Robin) report
-IMMUNE to Jokers laughing gas

-Has the power to pick someone every DAY and control their mind. He/she is in control of who that person votes for that day. The person nor anyone will know whose vote was changed just that the final count was different.
-CANNOT pick the same person two times in a row

-Visits someone every night and distorts their minds and the results of their visit
-Is Immune to Catwoman unless has a gun or vest to be stolen
-If visiting the Doctor…the person the doctor visits will accidently be killed by doctor instead of saved (unless person has a vest)
-If visiting the Cop OR Batman/Robin…they will get the wrong answers in the morning
-If visiting the Slut….the slut wont be able to block whoever they are blocking that night
-If visiting Two Face….Two Face will turn into a real cop siding with townies for the rest of the game***
-If visiting gunsmith …the gunsmith will accidently give a backfiring gun to whoever they visit that night
-If visiting the blacksmith….the blacksmith will accidently give a fake vest to someone that night
-If visiting the Jailer…the jailer accidently locks himself in Arkham Asylum for the next 24 hours
-If visiting the Riddler…whatever trick he is trying to pull will happen to himself
-If visiting Catwoman….she will not be able to dodge a night attack that night
-If visiting Mr Freeze…Mr Freeze will accidently freeze himself that night
-If visiting Suicide Sammy…if Sammy uses the bomb the next day wont throw the bomb far enough and kills self

4. Two-Face
-The Mafia wont know who Two Face is nor will Two Face know who the other mafia members are.
-Two Face has a personality disorder and Two Face thinks they are THE COP role and visits someone every night investigating them just like the cop and gets same results that the cop gets.
-Turns into good cop for rest of the game if count vertigo visits him
-Wins if mafia wins…unless turned to the good side and to real cop then wins if townies win
-Shows up INNOCENT to the real cop…but GUILTY to Batman (or Robin)
-The real cop shows up GUILTY to Two Face if visited
-If the rest of the mafia is dead, he will learn he is mafia and take over the killing unless already turned into a real cop

If: all other villains are dead and they outnumber the town they win automatically (if no guns are in play)
If all townies are dead but more than 1 villain is alive game must continue…
-Batman and Robin must be dead
-Riddler must be dead or no longer have a knife or gun
-Joker must be dead
-Mr Freeze must be Dead
IF all townies/villains are dead but Catwoman is left alive the Mafia wins even if only 1 member remains
IF all townies/villains are dead but The Riddler is alive the Mafia wins UNLESS only 1 member is alive and the Riddler still has the knife or gun
FINAL ONE ON ONE SCENERIOS if no guns remain:
Joker gets win over Black mask
Joker gets win over Two Face
Joker gets win over Count Vertigo
Penguin gets win over The Joker
Mr Freeze gets win over any 1 remaining member
Only nice person on DXP
TEAM #3 Joker (and possibly Harley Quinn)

-Chooses someone to kill with his laughing gas every night…they will die the next day at some point
-STARTS game with bullet proof vest so will not die when shot or attacked by mafia the first time…if saved at night by other means will keep vest until it is used. Vests are not immune to mr freeze.
-If Joker visits the doctor the doc is turned into Harley Quinn but Joker will not know
-Immune to Count Vertigo
-If Frozen by Mr Freeze cannot kill that night

THE JOKER (and possibly Harley Quinn) WIN
IF: no guns remain and only 1 townie remains
IF both Harley Quinn and the Joker remain 2 on 1 with anyone they win

No guns remain in play
Penguin must be dead
Catwoman must be dead
Mr Freeze must be dead

ONE ON ONE Scenarios if no guns remain
Joker or Harley Quinn gets win over Two Face
Joker or Harley Quinn gets win over Black Mask
Joker or Harley Quinn gets win over The Riddler
Joker or Harley Quinn gets the win over Count Vertigo
Catwoman gets win over The Joker (or Harley Quinn)
Mr Freeze gets win over The Joker (Or Harley Quinn)
Penguin gets win over The Joker (Or Harley Quinn)

TEAM #4: Catwoman

-ESCAPES all night attacks by Mafia or The Joker without dying
-If Catwoman has a gun can use the gun in the day OR AT NIGHT anonymously unlike all other players
-Visits someone every night…and will track who that person visits
-If that person is being given a gun or a vest or fake gun and vest, Catwoman will steal it and it will be Catwomans for the day
-If Catwoman visits gunsmith, they will receive a gun automatically
-If Catwoman visits the blacksmith they will receive a vest automatically
-If Catwoman visits Batman or Joker and they still have the vest they started with…catwoman now owns it
-If Catwoman visits Jailer catwoman learns who the jailer is and steal their keys…the jailer cannot lock anyone up the next day….instead Catwoman can
-If catwoman visits the Red Hood and he/she hasnt used their gun….catwoman now owns it
-If catwoman visits The Penguin catwoman learns their role and steals their umbrella and can beat someone with it once to stop that persons role for a day
If Catwoman visits Black Mask she will learn the role as she will steal his/her mask and block their role that night
-If Catwoman visits Two Face she will learn their role when she steals his/her coin
-If Catwoman visits Suicide Sammy she will learn their role and steal his bomb and can use it in the day on someone or at night anonymously
-CANNOT visit same person twice in a row
-Shows up GUILTY to Batman and the Cop unless tampered with

-All the mafia members must be dead and only 1 townie(cant be Batman or Robin) remains with no gun
No guns remain in play
Batman and Robin must be dead
All mafia must be dead
The Riddler Must be dead

ONE ON ONE scenarios if no guns remain:
Catwoman loses 1 on 1 to any mafia member
Catwoman wins over The Joker
Catwoman wins over Mr Freeze
The Riddler wins over Catwoman
Any Mafia Member wins over catwoman

TEAM #5: The Riddler

-The FIRST time the Riddler is investigated by either Batman or the Cop will show up INNOCENT, but after that will show up GUILTY unless tampered with
-If Batman visits Riddler, he will learn the identity of which player is Batman
-Anyone that follows The Riddler (Catwoman or Batman) will get the wrong answer of his whereabouts
-If attacked at night by mafia will NOT be killed…The Joker can kill him tho
-Is immune to Catwomans stealing
-Targets someone ( or himself) every night with various choices of what to do to the person and causes as much confusion and chaos as possible in gotham city
-CANNOT target same person twice in a row
-The Riddler can do each of the following tricks only ONCE per game unless all are used and are reset:
• The target player is supplied with a gun.
• Target player is supplied with a gun that will backfire and kill the shooter
• The target player's role is revealed to Riddler.
• The target player is role-blocked that night.
• The target players vote will not count the next day
• The target player is stabbed begins to bleed, dying the next night after someone is lynched (unless they have a vest)
• The target player is given a vest.
• The target player is given a fake vest that wont work
• The target gets their night results switched.(Similar to Count Vertigos Powers**) Examples: Receives the wrong answer/gives a fake vest/gives a gun that will backfire…cannot switch a kill

-Can Win 1 on 1 (or 1 on 1) against anyone at the end (except Joker and Mr Freeze) if no guns are in play AND The Riddler still has a knife or gun
-No guns in play (other then their own)
-The Joker and Harley Quinn (if gone insane) must be dead
-Mr Freeze Must be dead
Wins 1 on 1 against Catwoman if last 2 no matter what

TEAM #6: Mr Freeze

-Picks someone every night to FREEZE. That person cannot fulfill their role nor vote the next day. Nor can the person use a gun or vest that day. (**If a member of the mafia is frozen, someone will still die UNLESS 1.The Penguin is frozen then nobody will be killed by mafia that night or 2. if only 1 mafia member remains that kills.)
-Can Freeze The Joker which means he cannot kill that night
-ONE time during the game can kill the person he has frozen the next day
-IF SHOT Mr Freeze will die, but the person who shot him will die as well (unless they have a vest)
-Is immune to Catwoman unless has a vest or gun to be stolen
-Shows up GUILTY to both cop and batman investigations

-Wins 1 on 1 against any townie if last 2
-No guns must be in play at the end
-Catwoman must be dead

Only nice person on DXP
The hundreds of roles that have night roles can now PM whom they wish to visit tonight

You have until 11 00 AM EST to do so
No silicon heaven? Preposterous! Where would all the calculators go?
Good luck everyone!
That the nights were mainly made for saying things that we can't say tomorrow d
So I'm Iron man, who's Captain America?
That the nights were mainly made for saying things that we can't say tomorrow d
Posted by starwars
I'm about to read the roles

see you in 10 years goise

So many
So when do we start beating each other with umbrellas?
Only nice person on DXP
Posted by starwars
I'm about to read the roles

see you in 10 years goise

if this is how to get u away from dxp for 10 years

I need to do a billion roles more often
Virgo-Pisces Axis - The Saviour of Axes ♍ - ♓
Posted by Scruffles
So when do we start beating each other with umbrellas?

Mafia 18: NHL Edition
Posted by tiziani
Posted by Scruffles
So when do we start beating each other with umbrellas?

Mafia 18: NHL Edition
click to expand

^ This needs to happen.

Yeah, yeah make The Wild evil. Just do it.

That the nights were mainly made for saying things that we can't say tomorrow d
yeah I'm going to organize these roles
Crime fighting on rooftops by night.
*looks around*


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